Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Potter an IVC student yet?

UPDATE, 11/14: As near as we can tell, Ms Potter has applied to IVC (has a student record in our system), but she has yet to enroll in classes

     On Tuesday (Nov. 8), a colleague forwarded to me an email from another colleague that excitedly reported that “a current IVC student received recognition from President Obama and was nominated for a Presidential Committee.” The latter email included what appeared to be the relevant verbiage of the White House announcement.
     So I copied some of that verbiage and then Googled it. That brought me to the relevant White House website, where, indeed, I found that one Lauren Elizabeth Potter, a member of the cast of “Glee,” was announced as a member of the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, on Nov. 4.
     The White House announcement stated, among other things, that Ms. Potter “is currently a student at Irvine Valley College.”
     Naturally, I posted the contents of that page (re Potter) and the link to the White House website, sans commentary. (Irvine Valley College student appointed to committee by President Obama)
     I included a photo of Ms. Potter.
     Since then, some readers have questioned our college’s apparent decision not to report the (apparent) news that one of our own was thus honored.
     I did not participate in that, but I did find it odd that none of the local press had picked up this little story—the sort of thing that they usually love to blather about.
     Today, two days after the post, a college official emailed me to “inform” me that “Lauren Potter has never taken a class at IVC. Hopefully, she will enroll for Spring.”
     I’m attempting to get this sorted out. Stay tuned.
     Whether or not she is currently an IVC student, Lauren Potter seems to be an admirable young lady, and I'm pleased to learn that President Obama has seen fit to honor her in this way.
     I might even start watching "Glee."

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Anonymous said...

It's great either way. People should stop being so suspicious of each other. She's wonderful on Glee.

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