Sunday, January 22, 2012

Utt the Nut gets Patch job

     I noticed this morning that the Mission Viejo Patch has run with our story about James B. Utt (they do credit us):

Saddleback Library Namesake No Fan of the Beatles (Mission Viejo Patch)

     Peter Schelden (MVP editor) mentions Utt’s curious slam of the Beatles and his appearance on “Dr. Burpo’s” evangelical radio show, in which he connects a sex education advocacy group to communism and pornography.
     Oddly, Schelden doesn’t mention Utt’s unfortunate remarks about “barefooted Africans.” Nor does he mention Saddleback College Academic Senate's November 2011 "resolution" sent to the BOT, recommending a new name for the Library, given especially Utt's curious anti-Civil Rights voting record and racial remarks.
     Schelden ends by asking, “What do you think the new library should be named?” Gosh, maybe you should inform this fella.

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