Saturday, January 21, 2012

Academic Senate sends "resolution" to BOT recommending that the Utt Library be renamed

     Upon perusing the agenda for Monday's BOT meeting, I happened upon this letter to the Board from Saddleback College Academic Senate President Dan Walsh with a senate resolution recommending that the "James B. Utt Memorial Library" be renamed. (I found it under the governance groups' "reports" section of the agenda.) (See the letter below.)

     The resolution, evidently passed in November, notes that "the building was never officially named through any action by the SOCCCD Board of Trustees."
     The key "whereas" is this one:
Whereas ... James B. Utt repeatedly made disparaging racial remarks and voted against both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, in contradiction to the stated Saddleback College values of collegiality and inclusiveness....
     The recommended new name? —The "Saddleback College Library and Learning Center."
     Is Walsh asking that the matter be agendized? Perhaps he is hoping that can be avoided.
     The senate better hope that Fuentes isn't paying attention to all this. But I'm sure he is.
     I don't see Fuentes sitting still for this. Even in his diminished state.
     Expect fireworks.


Anonymous said...

There will assuredly be a recommendation that it be called the f*ing Ronal Reagan library, although it's doubtful the Gipper ever read a book without pictures.

Anonymous said...

The Academic Senate lives! Now when are they going to call for an investigation into Reeve?

Anonymous said...

At least their senate does something besides rubberstamp the admin policies and desires.

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