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James B. Utt on the radio, 1969: in his own seriously wacky words

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Saddleback College Library
named after Cold Warrior Utt
      I found the above 1969 recording on a site called Newstalgia, which presents old news recordings.
     Here we find Orange County Congressman James B. Utt interviewed by right-wing radio evangelist “Dr. Burpo” about SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, which, according to Wikipedia, is a "lobbying organization and advocacy group dedicated to sex and sexuality education, sexual health, and sexual rights."
     As you know, Utt—after whom Saddleback College’s James B. Utt Memorial Library is named—was a noisy crusader against the Communist Menace, even at this late date (1969). Naturally, his fear of communism and attendant paranoia enters this discussion, which primarily concerns sex education, something that Congressman Utt was against, for it was a Communist front, I guess.
     Partial transcript:
Dr. Burpo burps "A Mighty Fortress"
James B. Utt: “The whole thrust of SIECUS was to make pornography acceptable in the parlor at home. And the publishers of the SIECUS program are the greatest publishers and purveyors and distributors of pornography that there is in America. And why should we, the tax payers and the moral people of America be supporting the ... these pornographic uh ... mills that are making so much money in California in fact all over the United States. And I became concerned mainly because, time after time I was getting letters from concerned mothers enclosing some of the pornography ... pornographic literature that they were receiving and that their children were receiving and wondering what they could do about it.”
     I love the part about “raw anarchists in the street.”
     Also “hidden government,” “international bankers,” etc.
     The decision to name the Saddleback Library after Utt occurred in 1970.

Utt and crew announcing that sex itself is now a Communist front
      Hear Dr. Burpo’s fulminations concerning “Communist infiltration into the Race Revolutionhere.

      Utt’s introduction to G. Edward Griffin’s THE FEARFUL MASTER (1964)

     The Fearful Master, concisely written and well documented, sets forth the double standard which guides the UN through its devious and treacherous path toward world domination.
     The author, Mr. G. Edward Griffin, has performed an outstanding service in giving the people of the free world a picture of what has happened, is happening, and will happen in the very near future—if we continue our course of strategic surrender to international forces.
. . .
     The author meticulously outlines the grand design for surrender, and likens it to a jigsaw puzzle. The chief designer is well aware of the ultimate picture, but an individual working on an indiscernible piece of that puzzle does not know exactly what he is doing or where it will fit into the picture. When all of the pieces are put together, however, the finished grand design will be that of a one-world government maintained by forces against which resistance by any nation will be futile.
     The Fearful Master is a book which is long overdue, but I prayerfully hope that it is not yet too late to awaken the American public. This book should be read by all Americans and demands their thoughtful and immediate attention.

     James B. Utt
     Member of Congress


Anonymous said...

I also like the antiquated reference to the "parlor."

Anonymous said...

What happens if the board decides to name it the Tom Fuentes library?

Anonymous said...

"We don't welcome criticism and differing views. But this is a COLLEGE blog, so don't just offer opinions. Give reasons, good ones. Mere assertions, accusations, or name-calling will be deleted."

I see your deleting posts again. I recall someone offering an opinion and giving reasons. You deleted in.

B. von Traven said...

You're misquoting me, dude. And no, I don't delete comments simply because I disagree with them. I DO delete ugly posts.

Anonymous said...

Yes my post was removed.

Here’s what I remember stating: I believe that book has merit, because we have all witnessed it play out that way, and what the UN has become. Why you would simply reject it, I believe is closed mindedness. How ugly was that? Besides, I thought we’re not supposed to judge on appearance alone, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, ya know…

Of course you will say that Mr. Utt had some sort of mental illness, “attendant paranoia,” not surprising. That’s what progressives do to those whom they disagree, especially those who challenge communism head on, like Joseph McCarthy, albeit he had a drinking problem, but I believe he was correct in purging the public service of communists; he was effective in prolonging what we unfortunately have in government today, IMHO.

Equating conservatism to mental illness is also commonly done by the Hollywood left in movies they make about conservatives like Ronald Reagan & PM Thatcher. It’s all about planting the seeds that conservative thought is some kind of brain dysfunction, and that my friend is the REAL ugly here.

Sure Utt was quirky, I think the 60s was a quirky era, but that doesn’t make him a bigoted racist, homophobe, and it certainly shouldn’t diminish his contributions to Saddleback College, and his recognition thereof. Of course, keeping in mind the propensity progressives have to revise history.

Anonymous said...


Like Bull Connor quirky? or George Wallace quirky?

"Quirky" is so, so benign.

Anonymous said...

Correction: “he was effective in prolonging what we unfortunately have in government today”

Should be: “he was effective in delaying what we unfortunately have in government today”

Anonymous said...

Care to clarify, 2:07?

B. von Traven said...

2:03, thank you once again for being so utterly self-refuting.

Anonymous said...

He was "quirky"?
According to my dictionary, "quirky" means "characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits."
Utt believed that bankers secretly ran the world. And you know who those bankers are, don't you?
Utt believed that "barefooted" Africans were in training to take over the U.S.
Yeah, quirky.

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