Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Frogue, Schmitz, and Sons

Connecting Donald Trump Dots with OC's Steve Frogue and John G. Schmitz
(Matt Coker, OC Weekly)
     What do former (as in retired) far-right South County disgraced politician Steve Frogue and former (as in no more) far-far-far right South County disgraced politician John Schmitz have in common?
     The answer is: sons who worked on Donald Trump's transition team (and still sniff around the White House).
     Half of the preceding game show Q&A is brought to you by Dissent the Blog, operated by the ever-rascally Irvine Valley College philosophy professor Roy Bauer....

From last night's meeting of the SOCCCD Board of Trustees

From Tere Fluegeman's Board Meeting Highlights. Chancellor and Presidents' reports:

Monday, June 26, 2017

College accreditation news

     Earlier today, college personnel received an email from Melanie Buettner, Assistant Director of Marketing and Creative Services, on behalf of IVC President Roquemore, with this brief message:
     I am pleased to announce that IVC has received a letter from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges reaffirming accreditation for seven years. In their meeting, held June 7-9, the commission acted to reaffirm IVC’s accreditation with the requirement of a Follow-Up Report in 18 months on the issues identified in the team’s findings of non-compliance.
     The news delivered by the commission is testament to the remarkable efforts of all who assisted in making our accreditation process a success. This has been IVC’s most glowing accreditation process to date, and an accomplishment our college should truly be proud of.
     I am pleased to share the official letter from the Accrediting Commission with you. http://accreditation.ivc.edu/2017
—Signed, Glenn R. Roquemore, Ph.D., President, Irvine Valley College

Here’s the relevant section of the aforementioned letter:

     Hot diggity.
     Note: Recently, David Bugay, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources & Employer/Employee Relations, was fired. (See.)

     Here's the corresponding letter sent to Saddleback College. They suffered a similar fate:

In the news...
Court of Appeals Says OC Prosecutors Withheld Evidence in Another Jailhouse Informants Case 
(OC Voice)
The Fourth District Court of Appeal Friday unanimously upheld a ruling that prosecutors with the Orange County District Attorney improperly withheld information from defense attorneys and misused a jailhouse informant, meaning a third trial for Henry Rodriguez, who has been convicted twice for aiding another man in the 1998 double murder of Jeanette Espeleta and her unborn child....

Friday, June 23, 2017

The prevaricator in chief

Trump’s Lies (New York Times)
Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office. [Click on link]

Roquemore does Bakersfield: blah, blah, and blah

Leadership Matters:
Reimagining Leadership to Sustain Transformative Change
to Advance Student Success & Equity
 May 24th, 2017
Glenn’s part starts at 13:30.
Session III: Aligning Resources to Support and Sustain Change (Re-envisioning and Repurposing Panel)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jim Frogue is on Trump's "beachhead team"

     Various news sources (e.g., here) described Jim Frogue as “Senior Health Policy Advisor to the Donald J. Trump for President campaign….” Evidently, Frogue took a leave of absence from his firm, occupying Trump tower from August until November, helping to fashion Trump's spin on health care.
     The question is, what is Frogue’s role, if any, during the post-election period?
     The answer is that Jim Frogue has been part of the Trump transition. More specifically, he’s on Trump’s “beachhead” team, which is not to be confused with his “landing” team.
     According to Politico, Jan. 30, “Three unconfirmed members of the [beachhead] team” [include] “Jim Frogue.” A week later, Politico reported that “Among the hundreds of revelers at Saturday night's Health Policy Ball, held at the Ritz-Carlton ... [are] Trump transition and beachhead staffers Jim Frogue (wearing a Trump/Pence pin), Keagan Lenihan, Carla DiBlasio, Kamran Daravi,” et al.
     But just what is a "beachhead" staffer? Above the Law (a magazine for lawyers) explains:
     ... Top government positions ... are so-called “PAS” positions, “presidential appointment with Senate confirmation.” The Attorney General is a PAS post, of course, and so are many others at the Justice Department — top positions at Main Justice in Washington, such as deputy attorney general and solicitor general, plus other jobs around the country, such U.S. Attorneys.
     It’s not possible to get all the PAS posts at an agency filled before a new presidential administration takes over. So what typically happens during the transition is that the incoming administration selects a number of non-PAS political appointees to place in the various divisions of an agency (sometimes called “beachhead” appointees). Because these appointees do not require Senate confirmation, they can join the agency immediately after inauguration, and they can represent the voice of the new administration from day one. They basically hold down the fort until the arrival of the Senate-confirmed appointees, which usually happens a few months later.
* * *
Steve Frogue, Neanderthal
     Why, one might ask, should anyone care that this Trumpian "beachhead" staffer is the son of Steven J. Frogue? The factoid certainly sheds no negative light on Jim Frogue. That a guy's father is a conspiracy theory nut shouldn't count against him, I say. Jim seems to be a very sharp and successful businessman (albeit a lobbyist for evil corporations—don't get me started). He is a health policy expert of sorts and he has made a name for himself especially in the area of combating Medicare fraud.
     Good for him.
     That Steven J. Frogue's son turned out to be a hotshot lobbyist and Trump advisor will certainly be interesting to us, i.e., to those who lived through the Frogue era, especially denizens of the SOCCCD. For instance, my reaction to this revelation is surprise. How, I ask, could the likes of Steve Frogue, a clueless boob, raise such an accomplished son, even if said son is a global warming skeptic who likes Milo Yiannopoulos? Who'd 've thunk?
     Of secondary and minor interest, I suppose, is Jim Frogue's apparent efforts to leave virtually no trail back to his Lake Forest roots with silly old papa Steve.
     That's just good business, I guess.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Frogue's son was Trump's senior health policy advisor during the 2016 campaign!

Jim Frogue with his hero, Donald Trump
Lobbyist Frogue
     (See UPDATE.)
     My two little brothers attended El Toro High School in Lake Forest. I happened to notice recently that a “James Frogue” attended that school, class of ’89. That would make James about 45 years old today. Might he be the son of longtime Lake Forest resident and notorious one-time SOCCCD trustee Steve Frogue? You'll recall that the latter was to college trusteeship what Trump has been to the Presidency: a destroyer, a ridiculoid. An apocalyptic clown. An amazing asshole from Hell.

     See The Evil of Froguenstein (OC Weekly)

     So I Googled "James Frogue." As it turns out, there’s a highly successful Washington lobbyist named “Jim” R. Frogue. Until about 2010, he worked for the odious Newt Gingrich. Nowadays, he lobbies for Eli Lilly among other horrifying organizations. Starting in 2010, he's been running his successful lobbying firm but he took a few months off in late 2016 to serve as candidate Donald Trump's chief health policy advisor. That's right! He hung out for three months at Trump Tower, planning our medical futures! He's a medium fish in the Trumpian pond of bottom-feeding money-grubbers.
     And get this: he’s 45 years old and there are indications that he might hail from Lake Forest!
     Could it be that Jim R. Frogue, bigtime Trump advisor, is son of Steven J. Frogue, small-time Holocaust denier?
     I've learned that Jim Frogue attended USC. I recall that one of the first articles about Steve Frogue, back in the 90s, noted, not only that Steve and his wife raised two sons (in Lake Forest), but that the couple “paid both boys' expenses at affluent, private USC.” (See Studying the Lessons of Steven J. Frogue [Times, 1996])
     If you check those sites that dig up people's records (I just get their “free” info), you’ll find indications that, among Lake Forest resident Steven J. Frogue’s relatives is a "James" R. Frogue.
     The son? The lobbyist? The Trumpian lieutenant?!
     Jim R. Frogue’s Facebook page indicates that the fellow does indeed hail from Lake Forest. He flat out says so.
     I figure that settles it. "Trump Team" Froguester is indeed one and the same as scion of district-ruining Froguester. 
* * *
     Here’s Jim R. Frogue’s bio:
     Jim Frogue is a partner and co-founder of FrogueClark. He is a nationally recognized health policy expert with over 20 years of experience in the government, non-profit, and for-profit sectors. His areas of expertise include Medicaid, fraud prevention, health insurance, and information transparency. He has played a lead role in securing over $1 billion in contracts for clients since 2010. 

During the 2016 election cycle, Jim was the senior health policy advisor to the Trump for President campaign, spending three months at the campaign headquarters in Trump Tower in New York City. He has served as an expert witness before Congress on three occasions, appearing before the House Committee on the Judiciary, the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. He has also testified to state legislatures in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Alaska. He has given hundreds of speeches in 40 states across the country, including to the Republican Governors Association, the Harvard School of Public Health, the John F. Kennedy School of Government, the Western Governors Association, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Conference of Western Attorneys General, the Alliance for Health Reform, and the Congressional Health Care Caucus.
     Jim's television credits include On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, ABC's Good Morning America, CNBC's Bullseye and Power Lunch, and multiple appearances on the Fox Business Channel. He also has appeared on countless radio shows, including NPR's The Diane Rehm Show, All Things Considered, and On Point. He was a guest on the Kaiser Family Foundation's Ask the Experts. He edited the book Stop Paying the Crooks, and with Newt Gingrich, he co-authored Chapter 16, Solutions for Stopping Health Care Fraud, in the 2010 New York Times best seller To Save America. Jim's work has also appeared in RealClearPolitics, Roll Call, The Hill, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Florida SunSentinel. He has also been cited in Donald Trump’s book The America We Deserve, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, and on The Rush Limbaugh Show. His work on fighting health care fraud was even discussed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
     Prior to co-founding FrogueClark, Jim was for six years the vice president and director of state policy for Newt Gingrich's Center for Health Transformation. Prior to that, he spent three years as the director of the Health and Human Services Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council. He has served three members of Congress, most recently as legislative director for Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas. He also spent two years as the health care policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Jim holds a M.Phil. from Cambridge and a B.A. with honors from the University of Southern California.

     Meanwhile, Steve's still alive, I think. He'll be 75 years old in a few days. His name still pops up in publications of a local chapter of the Masons, where he served as "master" in 1996. He's keeping a low profile.

Miscellaneous factoids about Jim Frogue:
  • On his Facebook page, Jim Frogue indicates that he “likes” Milo Yiannopoulos and Tomi Lahren
  • His favorite movie (yes, movie) seems to be Atlas Shrugged. He's clearly an Ayn Rand fan
  • He seems to know Megyn Kelly
  • His favorite author, Mark Steyn, is a climate change skeptic, among other things

     I found a photo, accompanying a 1989 Tustin News article, of Steve Frogue with his son, James:

Steve and James at left (Tustin News, 8-24-89)
     In the article, James is identified as James Relfson Frogue (Relfson is his mother's maiden name). The article explains that James is among three students receiving the Tustin Educators' Association Scholarship, and that he'll be going to USC to study political science and economics:

Tustin News, 8-24-89
     Below, I've put an image of Jim R. Frogue, Trump Guy, in 2011, next to a pic of James R. Frogue, son of Steve, in 1989:

     It's the same guy, age 39 and age 17. No?
     I suppose it's none of my business, but why is it so hard to connect Trump Guy with son-of-Steve? Aside from hometown and age and USC (enough for an identification, eh?), I can find nothing to indicate that the bigtime lobbyist is the son of our local Holocaust-denying nut. 
     Trump Guy doesn't seem to want to be associated, at least publicly, with his OC family.
     Sad, that.

P.P.S. (June 22, 2017):
     A reporter friend sent me a photo of lobbyist Jim Frogue drinking beer with his dad. I believe he found the photo on Jim's Twitter Instagram page:

     Next to that photo, I've placed a shot of Steve Forgue, c. late 80s 1992. They're clearly the same guy.

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Frogue, Schmitz, and Sons

Connecting Donald Trump Dots with OC's Steve Frogue and John G. Schmitz (Matt Coker, OC Weekly)      What do former (as in retired...