Irvine Valley College Academic Senate election announcement

Daniel de Roulet June M, the current IVC Academic Senate President, sent us this message at about 4:00 this afternoon: Dear IVC faculty,    Please join me in welcoming our new Academic Senate Officers! Although there are many initiatives ahead, the diverse background, experience, and leadership of this group provides great promise of things to come. There were 184 faculty who participated in the election with approximately 75% of full-time faculty submitting a ballot. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I present to you…    President: Daniel de Roulet VP of Academic Senate: RJ Dolbin VP of Equity: Rebecca Beck Thank you to the general faculty assembly for your engagement and participation in the governance process.    Sincerely, June McLaughlin Excellent news!   Rebecca Beck

In honor of Wendy Gabriella's retirement—"The Senates sue the district and win!" [previously posted]

       Without a doubt, Senator, anthropologist, and lawyer, Wendy Gabriella, more than anyone, was responsible for the suit and its success. Accordingly, she became something of a legendary figure in the California community college scene.  See  "Wendy G's Big Night"  -  June 2007   —RB Background: With regard to academic matters (as opposed to workplace matters), in college governance,  faculty  are represented by the  ACADEMIC SENATE , an organization made up of the faculty or their representatives.  Typically, in a multi-college system such as the SOCCCD, there is one academic senate per college.  In recent decades, for better or worse, the notion that faculty should have a key voice in college/district "governance"—given faculty expertise in academic matters—has flown under the banner of " shared governance ," the idea being that the board of trustees, admittedly the ultimate governance "decider,"  ought normally to accept the recommenda