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Foul Pond: the Trumpist conspiracy mongers

The Demented Detectives on Seth Rich’s Case
Anna Merlan

     ...The biggest fish in this foul pond … is Sean Hannity of Fox News, who recently latched onto the Rich story, promoting it on his popular prime-time show and on social media. Mr. Hannity, a fierce Trump partisan, seemed aware that his speculation about Mr. Rich’s death could deflect attention away from the multitude of disasters dogging the White House and at his own scandal-plagued network. And he surely knew that the story would play well with his audience, which was eager to see the news about the Trump team’s Russia connections as a mainstream media smoke screen and Mr. Rich’s murder as the real fire.
     After vigorous public shaming — including a Washington Post op-ed essay by Mr. Rich’s parents — and pressure from his show’s advertisers, Mr. Hannity announced that he would stop discussing the murder (“for now,” he added). Fox even retracted a story from its website. He’s still tweeting, though, pledgin…

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