Friday, January 20, 2012

Will John Williams step down on Monday?

   Williams submitted a letter of retirement effective Jan. 23, 2012, but there is no guarantee he will retire at that time.
. . .
   Williams is paid $153,206.40 a year to head the combined Public Administrator/Public Guardian departments – a paycheck he will keep despite losing half of his job.

     You’ll recall that, starting about two years ago, former SOCCCD trustee and Orange County Public Guardian/Public Administrator, John Williams, became an icon of Republican and OC corruption and incompetence. I won't go into details. Eventually, the OC Supes fired his ass from the Public Guardian gig, but they couldn’t fire said ass from the Public Administrator gig, since it’s an elected office, and the dolts of OC voted for the guy, fair and square and with brains of hare.*
     The latter part of this saga is covered in these articles:
Williams Wants [to] Keep His Job Until Next Year, Then Retire (Voice of OC, March 10, 2011)
Williams stripped of public guardian duties (OC Register, March 22, 2011)
Public Guardian fired by county supervisors (OC Reg, June 7, 2011)
     I’ll cut to the chase. At some point, it had become clear to our Stupid Supes that their crony Williams (among other things, 4 of the 5 Supes shared the same ethically-challenged lawyer with Williams!) was a total and massive screw-up—so much so that the County faced serious liability issues each day he stayed on the job. But, again, since Williams had been duly (and dopily) elected as Public Administrator by the clueless OC electorate, nobody had the authority to fire him.

     Such is the majesty and mystery of democracy.
     But ("There's always a big 'butt'") he did eventually agree to “retire” at a future date, namely, January 23, 2012—two years before his term actually expires.
     That would be three days from now. Monday.
     But is he a man of his word?
     Ha! That’s just a rhetorical question. Of course he isn’t a man of his word. He's a lying, scheming "fiscally conservative" jackass from hell. But that doesn’t mean he won’t retire on Monday anyway. After all, it must be a drag working (or whatever he does there) where nobody wants you and everybody hopes to God you’ll stay away often and soon and permanently.
     Of course, maybe he never actually shows up down at the County. Wouldn't be surprised. Does anybody out there know? Has he been in Orlando all this time? Do they send his checks there via MickeyMail?
     We at Dissent the Blog look forward to the big reveal on Monday.
     Will this asshole, this hundemensch,** who helped make both the County of Orange and the SOCCCD a laughingstock, step down like he said he would? Hmmmm?

* Pace hares!
** Pace dogs!


Anonymous said...

Once again--there are positions that should not be made by elections. The public can barely handle the complexities of a mayoral contest, so the sub strata of these minor positions are probably decided by the lyrical sound of a name.

Anonymous said...

I agree somewhat to your comment Anon, but on the flip side, it gives the BOS/CEO the opportunity to appoint another unqualified croney! BvT, I think Williams has more than just a year left on his term. He won the June 8, 2010 primary by over 50%, so he started his new term January 2011. He still has 3 years left! Rumors are floating that if he doesn't leave come Monday, recall efforts will be under way. PP

B. von Traven said...

I meant to write that his term is up in two years (based on a Register article), though PP, who is pretty reliable, says it's three years, which does seem to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Staff at the Public Administrator's office knew nothing of Williams departure today. I take it he didn't leave as promised. It will be interesting now to see what the Board of Supervisors do. PP

Anonymous said...

It appears that Johnny set sail towards Florida,stopping at the Registrar of Voters this morning to fill out his leaving office paperwork. The new Public Guardian allegedly sent out an e-mail earlier today stating Williams was no longer the Public Administrator. We sure will miss you Johnny! PP

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