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     The DISSENT crew is a colony almost, nestled deep in the Santa Ana Mountains, which daily cast a shadow over two and a half colleges: Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College, and something called ATEP.
     Nobody's sure what ATEP is.
     It's all very mysterious, really. —This "Dissent" thing, I mean.

• B-von-Traven/Chunk-Wheeler/Roy Bauer (chief writer, editor, target of litigation)

     Philosopher & creative sort. Raised—until the age of 5—by a family of electrical wolf artists in the mountains of British Columbia. A conservative radical Eagle Scout, he owns an expensive Taylor 6-string. He used to mountain-bike every day, but he broke some ribs and now he rides a treadmill. (Trabuco Canyon/Lambrose Canyon) (For some family history, see Bauer Family Blog.)

(See The Unabauer Manifesto, OC Weekly, 4/8/99)

• Rebel Girl/the Reb (chief advisor, contributor, caterer)

     Writer and radical and mother. Raised by wolves of an entirely different sort, in the sun, by the harbor, just north of here. Now, during the summer, she runs a successful writing conference in Northern California. Jacques Derrida once borrowed her snorkel. He seemed nice. He’s dead. The Reb's works can be found in some major anthologies. These days, she's editing a collection of writings associated with Orange County. (Modjeska Canyon)

• Red Emma (contributor, snorkler, union thug)

     Writer and union organizer (UCI) and father. Raised by wolves from a place across the ocean. He edits a well-regarded journal and, when not kayaking, writes funnily and caustically (in the OC Weekly and elsewhere) about rat bastards who, naturally, do not like him. He and his bride own a house in the mountains, but he is proud of his yurt. (Modjeska Canyon)

     Oh yeah. Red has a literary interview program on KPFK.

     Some of these people love to hang out in Mexico, though, lately, that's become iffy. That's where B von Traven ended up, you know.

The Bauer "mystery house," hidden somewhere in a forgotten canyon
of the Santa Ana Mountains.
Modjeska Canyon, c. 2007
Juan Flores Rides Again
Trabuco Canyon, c. 1915
In nearby Tustin
After the '07 fire: Modjeska Canyon below
My sister and her then-husband. He crashed into a
mountain with his stunt plane maybe ten years ago
They had to scrape him out of the mountain
Current feline inspiration (for me, anyway):

Teddy (young Theodore)
Year-old Bugsy, my good pal (RIP)
Reb and pals, years ago

B. von Traven, early 80s

Red Emma's press pass
My old place in Orange, at left

Late Bro Ray B

Visiting my sister, 1973

Wonder Pup Attila, c. 1975

Backpacking, c. 1974

Reb and Red



Sister Annie

Young Ildy, 1974


Mom with her boy Seppel (Zeppy)

Young Sarah (at right), my special girl

Young Adam

Lisa and pals, in Los Angeles, some time in the 80s
My brother Ron, in Lewistown, Montana, c. 1981
A friend--with her beloved cat
Buster Keaton used to horse around in nearby Newport Beach
Rebel Girl
My good friend Chris of ND


Anonymous said...

such a waste of time

Anonymous said...

For 5:53 it seems a waste but then 5:53 is probably a waste.

Nice, nostalgic stroll, Roy. Nicely selected and arranged.

And I am an Eagle Scout as well.

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