"Old" Saddleback
Old Irvine--not so long ago (Sand Canyon)
     Here at DtB, we love local history, and much of it on these pages concerns our two colleges.
     The following list of links will ultimately include all DtB "history" of IVC/Saddleback posts, aside from the narrative District History. A work in progress.

• SOCCCD's first superintendent: clashed with trustees; bailed (1968)
• Saddleback College North opens (January, 1979)
• IVC: the birth of a college with a daffy name (re 1979/1985)
• Saddleback North: New Name and a New Valley - May 15, 1985 (LA Times)
• Early Saddleback College history: dress codes, censorship, faculty wives clubs, and more! (Further exploits of a rogue "conservative" board)
• The 1967 board: the "immorality" of district membership in the School Boards Association (Further exploits of a rogue "conservative" board)
• Right-wing paranoia and foolishness c. 1970: "The depths of your own mind" (re 1970; further exploits of a rogue "conservative" board))
• Writing OC history: the Bold and the Ruthless (Fuentes and the union Old Guard)
• When solicitations are threats (and, as always, Tom Fuentes was there)
• Former SOCCCD director of public affairs Pam Zanelli once worked for Dr. Louis Cella (Cella, OC mega-scandal kingpin)
• Remember Pam Zanelli? (It’s a small freakin’ world) (Z was union old guard advisor; once worked for other corrupt bastards)
• "St. Thomas" Fuentes was an appointee, too—twice (re 2000)
• The "institutional memory" file: thirteen years ago, we were trying to clarify what we'd be offering at the Tustin base (Golly, not much progress)
• Chains (a delightful romp through our unstoried past) (re 1977/1999)
• The many monikers of the SOCCCD (we settled on SOCCCD in the late 90s)
• Charter trustees: the curious Mr. Alyn Brannon (A creep, evidently)
• A glimpse at Saddleback College, 1970: HAIR (Because, as you know, hair length is key)
• Did right-wing loons establish the SOCCCD? (re 1967; the local GOP)
• IVC's student Dissenters: Where are they now? (doing wonderful things)
• The great UN anti-property rights conspiracy: Wackitude from James B. Utt—to Newt Gingrich (Utt was the OC Birchers' hero in Congress)
• Our district: once were prayerless* (1992: Walther vs. invocation; Walther wins)

• Utt the Nut gets Patch job
• More on Utt the Nut: "Extensive experiments in hypnotism and rhythm" (Saddleback Library's namesake was a wack job)
• James B. Utt: conspiracy theorist, whack job
• James B. Utt on the radio, 1969: in his own seriously wacky words
• Congressman Utt's racist remark
• Utt the Nut helped put "under God" in the Pledge (Gee thanks, and amen)
• 1998: Should SOCCCD cops have guns?
• "Lab" critics ignored years ago?
• Bremer: just saying “No” to long hair and windowlessness (early chief gets into hot water)
• A weird windowless library, alleged marauding flag-swiping Hippies, the protean name, and other district mysteries—Solved! (re 1960s)
• James B. Utt remembered
• 1969: Saddleback's war on hair
• 1982: The district hires Larry Stevens and learns to regret it (hatred of Stevens briefly unified SOCCCD faculty; and left them spent, evidently)
• Our recent past: Saddleback College and “anti-black harassment” (re 1989/1994)
• Dissent’s “district news roundup: August ‘98” (a snapshot)
• Prayer and being "out of the picture" at the South Orange County Community College District
• The Evil of Froguenstein (Matt Coker) (1998; Matt lays out the union-Frogue romance)
• A motley crew of Nazis vs. JDL thugs: Oh, what a night! (1998; worse than you can imagine)
• Some cartoons

Laguna Beach fire, 1993

• Night of the Nazi by Chunk Wheeler (1998; truly regrettable)
• The excrement hits the fan: the August '97 Board Meeting (1997; behold the utterly clueless and defiant BOT)
• Trustee Fuentes’ Spanish Adventure —or “No one would do that!” (2005; a classic Fuentes moment: unfathomable pettiness)
• IVC faculty prohibited from discussing the war, by Chunk Wheeler (2003; yes, IVC was the "What's Academic Freedom?" poster child)
• Roy Bauer’s 1st Amendment battles or "One Gadfly, One Gadfly Swatter" - (2001; gosh, thanks for being there for me)
• The Howard Hilton (2001; one of Raghu's special hires)
• A Quotational tour of recent district history (‘98-’99, in chronological order, mostly) (a snapshot)
• 1998: Ken Woodward defends Frogue and our corrupt union on KPFK (Ken reminds us that he has a "Ph.D" in economics)

• Dorothy Fortune tries to intimidate a beancounter from the State Chancellor's Office, but it doesn't work - by Tom of South County (1998)
• Hangin' with bigwig Republicans while Nazis hide in bushes - by Chunk (1998; strange political bedfellows)
• Trustee race of 1998 (how these things tend to go)
• Trustee Hueter's farewell remarks: "an embarrassment" - (1998)
• Archives: the infamous "Pteddidactyl" - (1998; how to succeed in administration by any means necessary)
• "How rude are you!": the senates sue the district - (2003; hey, you're breaking the law!)
• Students sue district over 1st Amendment - (2002)
• The Old Guard's not-so-sweet charity (2001) (Can it get worse? Yes, it can.)

One of our faux Lariats
• Fuentes' Cuban adventure (2001) (Fuentes' preview of his Santander move)
• Nancy does Nashville (Nov. 6, 2000) (Nancy reveals profound ignorance)
• Lisa's deposition: a "strategy of harassment" - (1999) (an entertaining read)
• The bomb scare (2006) (indications of Roquemorean stupidity)
• "Liberal Busybodies": Wagner takes aim at the American Library Association (2006) (Don always had a fondness for red meat)
• Making History: the First Years of Saddleback College (June 18, 2013) (“Making History,” by Saddleback College faculty, volumes 1 and 2. See HERE for full "Making History" (2001 version) pdf, broken down into sections)
• A "very conservative board": Ripping good yarns from 2001's Making History (early faculty describe it like it was)
• MORE RIPPING YARNS: from Making History: the first years of Saddleback College
• "IVC then and now" (some old pics)
• Lee Rhodes (too good for the FA)
• Remember Dan Froomkin? (Along with Ked Francis, Froomkin revealed Steve Frogue’s dark side)
• Robert Lombardi (Aug 9 2013) (Chancellor during the early phase of the Board from Hell. Skedaddled in 1998. First hired in 1974.)
• A brief Presidential history of IVC (à la LA Times) (Nov 5, 2015) (Leaders come and go—except for Roquemore, who came and then never went.)
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 1 (Nov 2015) (Cool old photos from schedules, etc.)
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 2
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 3
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 4
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 5
• Recognizing IVC's past, part 6 (last in series)
• "Shut up," he told her (Choosing the site for "North Campus" amid Pissed Off Tustinites, 1960-1977) (Nov 25, 2015) (The City of Tustin wants its own "junior college")

Eight parts

A college-on-wheels
"Hey, this looks like a good spot!"
This is how Saddleback College chose to distinguish itself in its early years: a high school dress code--plus a stricter one imposed on faculty
San Juan Capistrano, 1964
Orange County a century ago

Avery and Marguerite Parkways, Mission Viejo, 1976


Anonymous said...

Professor Bauer, this blog should also include the very deep questions of life like whether God exists, or is morality objective..

But I of course agree with your political stances, we are after all slaves of the economy... Freedom is an illusion..

Roy Bauer said...

Well, I handle some of those issues at my philosophical blog, OC Blue Philosopher.

Trust teachers. We know.

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