Friday, September 19, 2014

Palpable IVCisms: one day, 500 tins of cookies

Don't worry. A system is in place
We need to spread the word that WE are Irvine’s community college! Not those other guys from, uh, the coast! Who do they think they are? We’ll show ‘em! Our plan is to assemble teams that will visit 500 businesses in one day! Think of it! Each team will wield a delightful tin of cookies. That’s right: a tin of cookies! (—VeePSs)
One day. 50 volunteers. 500 tins of cookies. IVC.
Preparing for the big day, Oct. 1

Thursday, September 18, 2014

More on Roquemore's MOU pals, U of Phoenix

When in doubt, Roquemore drops out of airplanes
     You’ll recall that, a few weeks ago, perennially clueless IVC President, Glenn Roquemore, arranged for a big Photo Op at which he and a University of Phoenix rep noisily signed an MOU, allowing IVC students to save 10% on tuition (at U of P). That created quite a flap, given U of P’s record and reputation. The U of P, like so many for-profits, has an extensive and continuing history of predatory (and other unsavory) practices, to the detriment of students, especially veterans.
     Could it be that President Roquemore is unaware of U of P’s notorious record? That would be unsurprising. Or is it that he just doesn’t care? That too would be unsurprising.
     According to IVC counselors, amid the brouhaha, perhaps sensing the need for immediate CYA, administrators commenced claiming that the counseling faculty supported the MOU. Not so, said the counselors at an IVC Academic Senate meeting two weeks ago.
     At today’s Senate meeting, a counselor provided further information about for-profit colleges, including the U of Phoenix. She distributed an official-looking list of colleges and universities that, owing to federal rules, are ineligible to receive Cal Grants. Institutions are placed on the list if student loan default rates are 15.5% or higher or grad rates are below 30%.
     She noted that the U of Phoenix is on the list. (U of P loan default rate: 26%; grad rate is 19%. 65% of U of P students acquire Federal loans.)
     At the meeting, I noted that Kaplan College (or at least some of its campuses) are also on this list. IVC has a loose association with Kaplan. (Kaplan rents space at IVC.)
     I did not say (but now note) that the institution that employed former Chancellor Mathur post-SOCCCD—Argosy U of OC—is also on the list.
Shit list
Executive swindled [SchoolsFirst] credit union for $2.7M 
(OC Reg)
     A former executive with a major Santa Ana-based credit union has admitted embezzling nearly $2.7 million from his employer over more than a decade.
     David Lugo, 41, was a systems administrator and later vice president with SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union.... SchoolsFirst said it discovered the embezzlement a few months ago and reported it to the FBI….

Vacation-Loving Credit Union Embezzler Faces 80-Year Prison Term
     …Lugo used embezzled funds to take luxury vacations in Hawaii, Europe, Las Vegas and Florida as well as for casino gambling, jewelry from Tiffany & Co., new vehicles, clothes, cosmetic dental work, college tuition and expensive dining, according to U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Jeannie M. Joseph….

Two police agencies are missing weapons 
(OC Reg)
     The Arcadia and Huntington Beach police departments have been suspended from a federal weapons program after a 2013 audit revealed each station was missing one gun, federal officials announced this week. 

The National Defense Authorization Act, a program known as “1033” that has been in operation since 1997, allows the U.S. secretary of defense to transfer excess property from the Department of Defense to law enforcement agencies at federal, state and local levels.
. . .
     Arcadia was missing a Colt 1911 semi-automatic pistol, and Huntington Beach was unable to locate a military-grade rifle. The departments were suspended following the audits….
. . .
     In addition to Arcadia and Huntington Beach, seven other law enforcement agencies in California were suspended in 2013 and 2014, officials said. The California Highway Patrol in Sacramento, the Stockton Police Department in San Joaquin County and the sheriff’s departments in Napa, San Mateo, Stanislaus, Siskiyou and Sutter counties all were missing weapons during audits.

Cal State Fullerton sorority sanctioned for 'Taco Tuesday' party
(OC Reg)
     The Alpha Delta Pi chapter is said to be working to fulfill disciplinary measures, brought on when attendees at a recruitment party in August attended in costumes that included sarapes, sombreros, mustaches and gang attire that specifically referenced a Latino affiliation, the dean of students said....

Consumer watchdog says Corinthian Colleges set up ‘predatory lending scheme'
(OC Reg)
     Federal regulators are seeking more than $500 million from Corinthian Colleges, saying the Santa Ana-based chain of for-profit schools used predatory lending practices to swindle thousands of students….

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forde's Theatre: Overpriced PR Consultant Confesses Great Park Plan Was A Dream
     Having collected $7.23 million to do public relations for a government park that may never be fully built because of wasted spending, Newport Beach consultant Arnold Forde made clear at the outset of an Aug. 5 deposition that he is contemptuous of questions about his windfall.
     The recipient of no-bid contracts for a decade because of his personal ties to Irvine political boss Larry Agran, Forde advised Anthony R. Taylor, the attorney investigating corruption at the Orange County Great Park project in Irvine at the behest of the City Council, that he's the target of "a witch hunt."....