Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Morley's fig leaf issued

     This just in. In an email from IVC’s President Roquemore, we learn that
Richard Morley, IVC Foundation Executive Director since September 2011, has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Society for Professional Engineers, (SHPE), a nonprofit with national presence and prestige, based in City of Industry, CA.
Roquemore goes on to describe this plumb job. In the City of Industry. He then writes
Richard was chosen for his knowledge of nonprofit operations, financial management, grant funding and management, fundraising and his extensive entrepreneurial background in professional development at his own company with scientists and engineers for over 18 years.
Richard's leaf is smaller
     Next, Glenn lists the “advancements in the IVC Foundation” that have occurred during Richard’s tenure.
     He closes his letter by writing, “We congratulate Richard on his new opportunity and thank him for his service to IVC.”
     I've already heard a rumor concerning Morley's replacement: BH
    At least one reader has seemed to insist that the administrator whose contract was not renewed Monday night was Morley. No, that administrator was Mr. DG. In this case, Mr. Morley somehow found a motivation to seek a job elsewhere sans the sort of process that occurred Monday night.

The City of Industry

Monday, October 27, 2014

The October meeting of the SOCCCD BOT: live and direct!

     (Be sure to read Tere's Board Meeting Highlights.)
     6:13 - It's a bit of a madhouse here at the Ronald Reagan Corral and Dude Ranch in lovely Mission Viejo. For some reason, the RR meeting room is occupied (perhaps by the trustees?), or so says the sign, and we're all being made to wait outside in the hallway or the exterior of the building, in the grass and concrete, like dang blame varmints. Just outside, I see plenty of folks from the faculty union in their lurid green shirts. Plus there's a good complement of the usual suspects: VPIs, et al. Like tumblin' tumbleweed.
     As I sashayed onto campus, it was like a scene from The Birds, what with hundreds of squawking birds circling overhead. Don't know what that's about. They kept squawking and circling at least while I was out there, but they didn't attack anyone. Not yet. Sign of the end times maybe? More later. [Update: a friend who lives in the area informs me that a large flock of crows routinely gathers and circles in that part of Mission Viejo.]
     6:17 - looks like the board is evaluating the performance of a raft of administrators tonight in closed session (that session is supposed to end by 6:15). The list includes IVC's notorious VPI. I fully expect that tyrannical fellow to be given a blue ribbon tonight by this clueless board. No doubt, later tonight, they'll give the abysmal IVC Prez, Glenn Roquemore, that bully magnet, a prize too. He'll be tapped for "good leadership," and then my head will pop.
     6:19 - The sea of green still hovers behind me, but it's gotten no fatter.
     I do believe that the district's Techno guy, Bob B, just moseyed on by, looking like he's lost 50 pounds. Sheesh. Lookin' good though. Batt Masterson.
     I'm spottin' some red CSEA shirts too (I think that's what they are). People sure can yap. It's deafening in here.
* * *
     6:38 - Yes folks, we're still in the hallway (or outside), waiting for the trustees to finish evaluating administrators in closed session. Maybe there's significant disagreement about somebody, who knows. No sign of the trustees yet.
     It's hot and loud here in the hallway. Ronnie Reagan's ugly green bust is five feet in front of me. Evidently, it was produced by one "Woodrow Butterfield" and donated by the late Tom Fuentes. I seem to recall something interesting about Butterfield. I'll look 'im up.
     Sure enough. Back in July of 2011, I reported the following:
[Woodrow] Butterfield, who owned a statue place, dumped lots of acid on adjacent public land. He repeatedly blew off demands that he clean it up. Ultimately, he paid a $17,000 fine and was placed on probation
     Old Tom had all sorts of pals like Woodrow. Rat bastards, liars, cheats, good ol' boys. Of course, old Tom himself got his start with one of the nastiest and most ruthless politicians in the history of OC Politics: that innovator of dirty tricks and campaign mailers, OC Supervisor Ronald Caspers. Caspers and his right-hand man (Fred Harber) were known to be open for business, routinely negotiating the old quid pro quo in secret places (e.g., dingies in the Sea of Cortez). The DA was all over that scullduggery when Caspers disappeared mysteriously off of his yacht off Baja in 1974, putting a sudden end to the DA's investigation. Reagan attempted to appoint Tom (Harber, too, went down with Caspers' yacht, and Tom was next in line) as Caspers' replacement, but that went south because of pesky residency requirements. That news sent Tom into a downward spiral and straight to priest school in the Bay area. But that didn't take either. Pretty soon, Tom was back in OC, "consulting" for industry, making big bucks in mysterious ways (essentially, he lobbied for private firms; he wined and dined public officials in order to acquire public contracts; total abject sleazitude).
     6:48 - They've just opened those doors! —Nope. False alarm. (They let Saddleback Prez Burnett through the doors but no one else.)
     6:55 - The din has quieted, but we're still out here like tumbleweeds and varmints. Get along, li'l dogey.
     7:00 - They just let us into the room, but still there's no sign of Trustees. Does this mean they made us stand out there all this time for no reason? Hmmm. Now, we're just sittin' out here chewin' our cud as the sun goes down. Yeah, our time ain't worth a dang!
     7:15 - Still nothin'. I see twenty or thirty green shirts in the back of the room. The Techno crew is setting up and joking around like they do. People are in a pretty good mood considering. But crowds can turn in a flash. Things could get ugly (not).
     I'm left here with only my imagination. Maybe Nancy Padberg rolled her eyes once too often and Marcia finally shouted, "Gee willikers, Nancy, that's impolite!" —at which point Nancy finally had it and took a swing at Marcia but missed and hit Jim Wright's glass chin instead. Jim then shouted "Nurse! Nurse!" and when none of 'em came to his rescue, he said, "that's the last time I'll carry water for those dang blame..." —But then Bill Jay emited an enormous snort, and choked himself into consciousness while Tim Jemal steadied Nancy from her pugilistic exertions and Dave Lang counted beans and sadly caressed an old photo of Tom F, the one great love of his life.
     Sheesh, the trustees are now officially 66 minutes late.
     7:22 - aha, they are emerging! Nancy seems to be disappearing into her suit. Prendergast seems chirpy, as does Jemal. But maybe they're puttin' lipstick on a pig.
     7:25 - could start soon. Burnett just came over and told some folks we'll "do it next time." I think that means that some presentations won't be given tonight. Marcia and Bill and Jim just arrived. They seem to be in good moods, but who knows. Nancy's disappeared again. Maybe sunk further into her suit. Nope, here she is.
* * *
     Here we go:
     7:28 - Prendergast opens the meeting.
     Marcia reads actions: on a 7-0 vote, acted to not renew (contract of) ivc academic administrator. (Likely David G, Dean of Fine Arts and Business Sciences. The other two IVC academic admins were Justice and Greiner.) Prendergast huddles with Poertner about why they're not reading something else out. More buzzing up there. Seeming confusion.
     Bugay speaks: MOU with FA about faculty chair compensation. That too occurred during closed session. "That" says Marcia, correcting her ommission.
    Bill Jay does the invocation -- moment of silence for recent deaths somewhere
    Public comments: (Please adhere to two minutes, says Board Prez Prendergast, who seems to be getting the hang of this gig.)
    Claire C: because of late start, half of our number left. Still, many green shirts remain. Claire discusses "our part time faculty," who work at low pay and only paid for their time in the classroom. Don't have adequate time for classes, feedback, office hours, professional development, etc. There's an increased awareness of their plight in the country. We need to begin to rectify the situation. (Applause)
    Loma Hopkins: reading on behalf of IVC part-instructor who is teaching tonight. Wendy E: we're not compensated for work outside classroom. The more work, the less we are paid, a paradox. (Applause)
    Kurt Meyer: prof of English at IVC. My 18th Wed anniversary. My wife remembers what it was like being married to an adjunct. We struggled. Refers to low pay, the need to teach half a dozen classes. Had to work at Ralphs. This district does not pay for all the hours part-timers work (outside the classroom). Hard pill to swallow. Why aren't you paid for work grading, answering emails, etc.? Nowadays, $62 an hour for part-timers at highest rate. Not good. (Applause)
     Mike J: I teach full-time at another campus. This year, there was a need for another econ instructor at Saddleback, so I filled in because I was mentored by an adjunct here. You need to pay adjuncts for office hours, preparation for classes, etc. You need to listen to these stories. They are true. You are paying them much too little. (Applause)
     Barbara: I'm full-time faculty member. Reads for Part-timer: part-time faculty do the work fulltime do for their classes, but they're not paid for they're out-of-class work. Move to equitable compensation. This district should lead the way toward equity. Etc. (Applause)
     Paula Jacobs: will read something for part-timer. They are uncomfortable speaking up for obvious reasons: treatment of part-timers is very poor, morale is worse. Says Paula, most of our classes are taught by part-time faculty now. Wasn't always so. Etc. (Applause)
     Commendations: Nope, put off until next meeting.

Board reports:
     Bill Jay: no board report "as of this evening"
     Tim Jemal: a good month, lots of activities at the colleges, district. State-of-the college breakfast at Saddleback College. Well done. Attended OC Tech alliance awards, showcasing technology, innovactions in our county. Excellent event. South OC economic coalition on Friday night, attended with Marcia. Good event.
     Marcia Milchiker: I've got 27,000 items! (Prendergast looks askance.) I attended many events. Why am I wearing orange? Yes, I attended the Solar Decathalon at IVC last Friday. Incredible event. IVC, SC, Chapman and UCI have a joint team. Presidents spoke, discussed project. Casa del Sol-team orange. One of 20 teams chosen. Competition in October 2015. Our students will work with students from the other colleges, building a solar powered house--competing with Yale, Stanford. We've got a shot!
     Nancy Padberg: abbreviated report. I've done lots of work for the college last few weeks. I really do enjoy it. (She seems to be missing a step or two, fails to indicate what she attended, etc.). Thank you. (Nancy is recovering from some health issues.)
     Prendergast: yadda, yadda, yadda. Homecoming game, etc.
     Jim Wright: attended a few events. State-of-college breakfast. 150 guests there. Politicians there, well-attended, well-done. Calif. dept of vet affairs conference, IVC hosted, did an oustanding job. OC is home to nearly 2 million veterans. Many vets get very little guidance. "All they told me was goodbye," said a vet there. Disturbing. Attended football games, homecoming.
     Dave Lang: in the interest of time, no report.
     Student Trustee Carrillo: natch, has much to say. He explains why he's wearing a medal. Something about debate tourneys. Reads names of various winners in these tourneys. 21 IVC students competed. They got 25 medals. He reads all the winners (to Prendergast's chagrin; the meeting is running an hour late). His litany seems interminable. 30 community colleges and 4 universities. They all deserve a clap, he orders. (People comply.)

     Chancellor Poertner: I'll defer my comments until the next meeting.
     IVC Prez Roquemore: I'll be quick. Solar Decathlon has been covered (and yet he yammers about it anyway). Thanks various people. A great event, evidently.
     SC Prez Burnett: homecoming, yadda yadda yadda. Blah, blah, blah. The Solar Decathlon one of the finest college events I've ever been to. Thanks Glenn, et al. "Made us proud." We had a main water break at Saddleback. 3 staff instrumental in dealing with that crisis. We have a transfer fair coming. Condolences: high school students lost in car accident in Irvine. Students in our area.
     ASIVC: blah, blah ,blah

No board requests for reports

Puts off board report for Marcia M (until next meeting)

Consent calendar: anything to pull beyond 5.7? No. VC Fitz wants to read a correction, 5.2 (Model UN). Seems minor. They vote: unanimous.

5.7: Resolution: We have to pass a res declaring an "emergency situation." Have to do this to avoid advertising for vendors (?) for emergency work. Lang: could you elaborate on actual costs of cleanup? Brandye D comes up to speak: main broke in parking lot; 4 days of repair. had to dig fairly deeply, undermined nearby building. Don't know what the costs will be yet. Lang: blah blah blah. Wright: is the water main underneath the building? Not smart, that. I think the answer is "yes." Brandye, alluding this trashing of trustees/staff of the past, jokes about future boards discussing (i.e., trashing) our present moves. Laughter. Fitz: insurance claim submitted for this.
They vote to approve resolution: unanimous approval

General action items:

6.1 IVC 2014 Student Equity Plan Report
(Beware: dog and pony)
     Linda F and another woman (Lisa Wang?, research analyst) come up. This is the final report.
Blah, blah, blah -- and I do mean that. Targetted populations, disproportionate impact, modified budget, and so on. (Utterly mind numbing verbiage.) Introduces Lisa:
     Lisa: identified areas where students were disproportionally "impacted." Proportionality index, etc. Veteran students--could be serving more than we are. Shows graphs and such. Shows plan. Indicates areas we can "delve into" to improve matters. Pretty jargony, almost unintelligible. Sheesh. BSI ESL completion. group 35 years old and older: not well represented. "Disproportionally impacted" is the idiotic language. (Good grief.) Blah blah blah. BSI English Completion. Students who are 40-49. Another "impacted" group. African-American students "impacted." Fifth group: Degree and Certificate completion ages 25-29. Sixth "indicator": hispanic students. (Why don't they just speak English? Why all the BS?)
     Linda F starts to yammer. Almost a year-long process. Recently, allocations given to the district, but not yet to the colleges. (She's sending me into a coma.)
     Other questions? (Have there been any questions?)
     Lang: item for action tonight. But there's no expected outcomes for goals and activities. Not a complete plan that I can vote on. Linda F: we're in the process of figuring that out. The state was aware that we were given a short time-frame. They've changed the date twice on us. Now due January. We're working toward completing plans. Lang: this is incomplete. Can't vote on this tonight. I'd vote no if you want me to vote tonight. Come back with this info. Linda: we'll attempt to do that. We're trying to "have conversations" to move forward on this, blah blah blah. "Having conversations" seems to be code for -- well you're guess is as good as mine.
     Jemal: I'm struck by: we're underserving our veterans. Many of us attended veterans services center event a year ago. I was under impression that we're serving that group. But now we hear they are "severely underrepresented" at the college! WTF
     Linda: Our veteran students have to "self identify" to us. (Her aversion to plain English is awesome, inveterate.) If they don't, we don't know who they are. A difficult transition for them. Building a resource center is a foundation for serving them. We plan to do "outreaching" so the veterans will feel comfortable "identifying themselves to us." Jemal seems unimpressed.
Motion to table: passes unanimously (student abstention)

6.2 IVC grant acceptance. Motion to accept grant. Lang: noticed a sizeable matching funds. Bulk of that, $850K... Glenn says can't answer; asks VPI Craig Justice to come up and explain. Lang again: matching in kind funds. Bulk of that is contracated services and other expenses: what does that consist of? Justice: we'll have to research that. Don't have that info. Don't have a detailed list tonight. Fitz: we need to approve tonight. Lang: I'm not interested in holding this up, but let's get the information. "Workplace training providers"... Individuals already on staff providing services already. (Justice confers with Werle) "We can get that for you."
Vote: unanimous.

6.3. Paying for absent trustee. Always unanimous. (No, Jay fumbles. Abstains second time.)

6.4 fullltime faculty hiring. One correction from Bugay. Motion to approve. Unanimous vote. Wright then says, "I've got a question." Nope, never mind.

6.5 Academic personnel actions. No changes. Motion to approve. Unanimous.

6.6 Classified personnel actions. Bugay: minor change of date. Motion to approve. Student trustee: Michal Chan. He's an ex officer for ASIVC. Will this be a concern for the future? (His worry seems to add up to nada.)

6.7 Ethics training for trustees, annual event. Poertner: each year, the Grand Jury studies political agencies in the county of Orange. This year, community colleges were on the list. made recommendations for OC CCs. Most districts are doing the same thing. One recommendation is to have biennial Ethics training. The original legislation did not apply to CCs. But seems like a good idea anyway. Two ways to do this. Can hire an attorney to come give presentation (yeah, when I think "ethics," I think "attorneys"). Second: online training that the C Fair Polical Practices Commission has online. Might as well do that. The other recommendation had to do with reports of travel expenditures. Recommendation to do that once a year. Blah blah blah. Will post this on website for public viewing after this. Lang: isn't there a third option beyond those two? Ethics training is provided by CC league and other organizations. Isn't that viable? Why restrict this to FPPC online? Poertner: not a bad option. CCLC does this. Vote: unanimous. Jay fumbles again. Back to main motion: unanimous.


7.1 SC and IVC speakers. No questions
7.2 Basic aid report
7.3 Monthly facilities..
7.4 montly financial
7.5 trust fund
7.6 Quarterly financial status report

8.0 Reports from admin and governance groups.

Mostly, they forgo reports. IVC Senate notes will have state senate conference at IVC.
Blah blah blah
I'm outta here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Edwards to go to ATEP, to serve as Brandye D’Lena’s assistant

     As usual (four days prior to the district's monthly board meeting), district Chancellor Gary Poertner sent us all a link to the agenda.
     I noticed a curious item under “Classified Personnel Actions” (6.6). “Exhibit A” includes “Authorization to establish and announce a classified position." One of the positions is a new “director”:
DIRECTOR OF SITE DEVELOPMENT, Specially Funded, Classified Manager... District seeks authorization to establish and announce a full-time, 40 hours per week, 12 months per year position to its staff complement, effective November 1, 2014. This position is specially funded through Capital Outlay Projects on a limited term basis, to be considered for renewal annually. Employment in this specially funded position is contingent upon these funds.
     Exhibit B provides a “definition” of the position:
To assist the Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Purchasing [i.e., Brandye D’Lena] by planning, developing and delivering facilities improvements district wide, including programs, supporting documentation, budgets and schedules; provide technical direction to projects including prepare and administer contracts for project consultants and contractors from programming to close out; attend/facilitate district, college, agency and project meetings, provide support to College building committees; coordinate project requirements and schedules and provide project status reports including assistance by the project architects, consultants and contractors, when appropriate, and present to college, district and Board of Trustees as assigned....
     Yadda, yadda, yadda.
     The document goes on to say:
The employee assigned to this classification assists the Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Purchasing [D'Lena], as assigned, by overseeing the development and construction of district and college facilities, especially at the Advanced Technical Education Park (ATEP).
     Today at IVC, we began hearing that, recently, at a college meeting (there are endless meetings), it was announced that John Edwards, IVC's Director of Facilities, will cease occupying that position; he would be switching to a new position.
     This seems to be that position.
     (If so), we wish him well.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Former SOCCCD Board President: member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

OC Park aka Irvine Park.
OC's curious past
     The June 2011 edition of the Ship’s Log, the newsletter of the local chapter (Camp 1770) of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), begins thus:
Dear Compatriots, Family & Friends:
     I want to thank our members and friends who showed their support during our Confederate Memorial Day at Santa Ana Cemetery on May 22nd. We had folks from all over Southern California visit with us and join in our service, including the UDC [United Daughters of the Confederacy], Commanders of Inland Empire and Long Beach. Thanks to our guest speaker and member Steven Frogue for his very special words he shared with us this day [and to] the 1st NC Cavalry Reenactment Team….
     Steven Frogue, of course, was a trustee (and sometimes President) of the SOCCCD board of trustees. He served from 1992 until his resignation in the summer of 2000, which permitted the board appointment of Tom Fuentes (who then easily won election as an "incumbent" four months later).
     Since then, he's been retired (from high school teaching) and active in his church. We've sorta kept an eye on him. See Weird Uncle Steve, living in obscurity.
     And he's been active in other organizations, it seems. Steve has always seen himself as a historian (at Chapman, he got some kind of "Teaching" Masters with an emphasis in history) with something important to teach the world about what "really happened"—the ADL (or was it the BSA?) killing Kennedy, etc.—not the "lies" we've been told.
     And just who are the “Sons of Confederate Veterans”? Well, they’re pretty much what you’d expect them to be: clueless right-wing knuckleheads and sometimes worse. (You'll recall that, twenty years ago, Steve was enamored of the notorious Institute for Historical Review, a local Holocaust denial group.) The SCV in particular seem to have become a rallying point around the notion that history has lied about the Confederacy and the Union and their little war and that "the South was right"—about "state's rights," among other things.
     No doubt that’s true in all sorts of ways—about the lying, not the state's rights. But one must be careful how one restacks the deck.
     These people aren’t careful.
     Four months before the June 2011 Ship's Log, in an article by Mark Potok appearing in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch (Once Again, Racism Rears Up in the Sons of Confederate Veterans), we’re told that
     For much of the last decade, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has been roiled by an internal civil war between racial extremists and those who want to keep the Southern heritage group a kind of history and genealogy club.
     It’s beginning to look like the racists won.
     First came the news, originally reported on this blog last August [2010], that the SCV was planning a Feb. 19 march down Dexter Avenue here in Montgomery, Ala., to “CELEBRATE THE BEGINNING OF THE CONFEDERACY” and ensure that it “is remembered and portrayed in the right way.” What the SCV meant by “the right way” was made obvious by its website promoting the event, which insists that “the South was right!”….
     And now, from the Mississippi Division of the SCV, comes this new gem: The group wants the state to issue a special license plate, keyed like the Montgomery march to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, to honor Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest — a millionaire Memphis slave trader before the war, an apparent war criminal who presided over the massacre of surrendering black prisoners at Fort Pillow, Tenn., during it, and the first national leader of the Ku Klux Klan afterward, when the Klan’s terrorist violence paved the way to a Jim Crow South.
     Potok goes on to provide the grisly details. And they are pretty grisly.

No doubt Steve got all breathy, like he used to do
     South Orange County is pretty special, ain't it? Lots of rednecks, amateur historians, Tea Partiers, et al.
     So it appears that old Steve, Marine vet and resident of Lake Forest, has continued his Revisionist ways and, as usual, he's found lots of company.
     Frogue’s still a member of the local “Sons.” You can find him in the Sept/Oct 2014 edition of the Ship's Log getting some kind of prize:

So, what’s happened to Jolene Fuentes, Tom’s widow?

     She and the Fuentes wing of the OC GOP got in a huff when Jolene was not selected to replace her husband on the SOCCCD Board. They made lots of noise, but the event faded without consequence.
     After that, Jolene was appointed, by the Lake Forest City Council, to the City’s planning commission in 2013.
     That looked mighty hinky. Fuentes had no experience. Alternative candidates did.
     In March of this year, the generally excellent “Voice of OC” published a guest editorial by Jim Gardner, a psychologist and businessman who ran (and lost) for City Council in 2008. (See Community Editorial: Planning Commission Is Not for Politics, Voice of OC, March 26, 2014)
     He wrote:
     A little more than six months ago, Jolene Fuentes was appointed to the Planning Commission in Lake Forest amid controversy about her lack of background, experience and education, given the excellent qualifications of the applicants passed over in favor of her.
     The controversy was exacerbated by the claim of then Mayor Scott Voigts that he had no idea why he cast the deciding vote for Fuentes, failing to mention the $1,000 contribution to his 2010 campaign from (now deceased) Tom Fuentes, the Republican bigwig and husband of Jolene.
     In the intervening months, Fuentes' record of attendance has been poor, and that’s on a commission that already cancels more than 20% of its meetings.
     Fuentes has made few, if any, constructive contributions to the proceedings on the Planning Commission….
     Well, you can read the piece for yourself.
     Four months later, Gardner offered similar points in the far less reliable “OC Politics Blog,” run by political loose cannon Art Pedroza:

Political cronyism destroys Lake Forest’s Planning Commission
July 29, 2014 by James Gardner
     …Lake Forest is undergoing its own “spoils system” scandal since the election of Dwight Robinson and Adam Nick to the City Council in 2012. Joining together with incumbent Scott Voigts, they dismissed the well regarded and long standing members of both the Planning Commission (PC) and the Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC), and inserted their own set of loyalists, many of whom had no prior experience in either area, and had never attended meetings of either group. What they did share was personal loyalty to Voigts and/or Robinson. Their first appointments included an employee of Robinson and a campaign worker for Voigts and the son-in-law of a big campaign contributor to both Robinson and Voigts. The most blatant and most egregious appointment was Jolene Fuentes, widow of long-time Republican old guard big wig Tom Fuentes, who confessed to no knowledge of the PC or of planning in general, and who upon appointment proceeded to miss two of her first three meetings.
     Now more than 18 months after their “Kristallnacht”, we can view the results of political cronyism and the spoils system at work. With regard to the Planning Commission, since the Voigts cabal joined the PC –
  • there have been more appeals of PC decisions than in the previous 20 year history of the City
  • there have been more PC decisions overturned than in the previous 20 year history of the City
  • there have been more resignations of PC Commissioners than in the previous 20 year history of the City, with one Commissioner specifically mentioning the disruption caused by the Voigts’ sycophants as a proximate cause….
     So the Fuentes legacy lives on, it seems. Bullying, cheating, hypocrisy, etc.

SEE ALSO Lake Forest Ex-Councilman Calls on Residents to 'Rise Up' (Voice of OC, October 24, 2013)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

But the “telephonic narration” never came

     Back on the 7th, we were informed about the coming “Great California ShakeOut.” In an email (from theVPI, I think), we were told:
Major earthquakes may happen at any time, nearly anywhere in California. Help us keep our students and community prepared and safe by encouraging participation in this year’s Great California ShakeOut statewide annual earthquake drill. At 10:16 a.m. on October 16, 2014, millions of Californians will practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” along with millions of others in many other states and countries….
     There were instructions. Before the drill, we’re supposed to read stuff about how Cal is earthquake country, etc. Then we’re supposed to explain to students what they can do when an earthquake hits: drop to the floor, that sort of thing.
     “When the drill begins,” we’re told, “loudly instruct your students to
• Drop to the ground now, before the ground jerks strongly and throws you down.

• Take Cover under something sturdy to protect yourself from objects being hurled across the room. Or stay low and protect yourself from flying objects with your hands and arms.

• Hold On to your shelter or hold your position until the shaking stops.
     OK. Then it says:
Once the telephonic narration is over, all buildings will be evacuated….
     Well, anyway, I kind of forgot about the drill when I got to the college this morning, though I had read through the instructions and was prepared to tell the students to drop and grab onto something, etc.
     So, just after 10, the buzzer (loud!) went off. Students looked amazed and bewildered. I told ‘em to drop to the floor and hang onto something. They resisted. I had to insist. They kept giving me this look: “Really? You’re not kidding?”
     Nope, not kidding. Over the din, I explained that the exercise is a good thing. Everybody should be prepared for the Big One, which is bound to come.
     The kids complied. I was impressed. I told 'em they look good down there.
     I told ‘em about how stuff would fly around in a real big quake. You don’t wanna be hit by that clock over there and the glass over here, I said.
     Meanwhile, that buzzer sounded.
     BUT HERE'S THE THING: the “telephonic narration” never came. I kept waiting for it. Nope. Nothin'.
     After a bit, the students started to look at me for direction. “Now what?”
     I said, “We’re supposed to get directions over the phone. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.”
     I’ve been through this before. During the last ShakeOut (I’m in room A202), the phone refused to utter a sound, though we were told it would, and so, afterward, I complained.
     Wasn’t fixed, I guess.
     So, again, over the din, I explained that the Big One is REAL and it is important to stop and think about it before it happens, get prepared for it. Get a kit for your car. Coordinate with friends and loved ones pre-earthquake. Etc.
     I was pretty compelling, I think. I meant everything I said, and students saw that.
     But that telephonic narration never came.
     So, whatever.
     Have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Steam heat!

Rebel Girl's own camera failed her today so here is a stock photo of cleanliness.  Come to A-200 and see for yourself.
Today it was brought to Rebel Girl's attention that the A-200 restrooms, usually bio-hazards by mid-morning, had been, by dawn's early light, power-washed and steam cleaned.   They are now gleaming - even the stalls where visible dust had been rising for some time now like distant storm clouds on the horizon.  Colleagues, staff - and yes, students, told her all about it.  (It's really something when your students speak to you about the restrooms.  Just sayin'.) She had to go see for herself.  She tried to take a photo, but somehow clean is much more difficult to photograph than filth.  You'll have to see for yourself.

So many thanks to those who labored on this project.

For your enjoyment below,  "Steam Heat," a clip from the unlikely pro-labor musical, "The Pajama Game."  "Fellow union members, that's what we're doing: getting HOT!"