Monday, May 30, 2016

The Engaging Mr. Roquemore? (Faculty champions on campus!)

The excitement is palpable
     Recently, I found a curious article in the “Lesson on Leadership” portion of the February/March 2016 issue of the Community College Journal. In Building Engagement for the college of the future, our own Glenn Roquemore crows about his/our success in developing ATEP, against all odds.
     As the title suggests, Roquemore's main point is that, in the course of developing the allegedly wondrous ATEP, stakeholder “engagement” has been sought and achieved. —"Especially faculty" engagement.
     Let us know what you think.
     An excerpt:

Just who are these "faculty champions"?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rocky (the red nosed college prez) supports Irvine school bond measure

Right-winged Glenn
     As you may know, the Irvine Unified School District has placed a measure on the June ballot, asking voters to approve a bond measure to improve “aging school facilities.” It's called Measure E. Clever, that.
     Back in March (3/2/16), the OC Reg reported:
     The Irvine Unified School District will ask voters in June to approve a facilities bond measure that would raise money to improve aging school facilities.
     The school board on Tuesday unanimously approved the formation of a school facilities improvement district encompassing 28 campuses and said it would seek $319 million in bond revenue to those schools.
     Only voters within the district will get to cast a vote on the measure – and only campuses within it will get funds for improvements.
     Residential and commercial property owners would pay a yearly tax of $29 per $100,000 of assessed value if the measure is approved. At least 55 percent of voters would need to be in favor….
     Sounds good to me.
     You can read all about Irvine’s Measure E at the OC Registrar of Voters website. Or click here. Or, at the website, search under “measure e Irvine.”
     According to the Registrar, the usual suspects favor Measure E:
The following individuals signed the official argument in favor of the measure: 
Mark Warschauer, Professor & Interim Dean, UCI School of Education
Paul A. Bokota, IUSD School Board President
Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Business Owner
Connie Stone, Irvine Unified PTA President
Cyril Yu, IUSD Finance Comittee/Deputy District Attorney
G. Rick Marshall
     Who opposes E? No surprises there. G. Rick Marshall, Chief Financial Officer, California Taxpayers Action Network, provides the “con” arguments on the ballot. He's the Howard Jarvis type, Christian division.
     These “pro” and “con” arguments have rebuttals, too, you know.
     And get this. Among the signatories of the rebuttal to Marshall's “con” argument (that is, among the pro-E crowd) is none other than Glenn R. [the "R" is for "Republican"] Roquemore, President of Irvine Valley College and inveterate Neander of Thals.

     Golly. Next, we'll be reading that ol' Glenn is feelin' the Bern!
     Are you, Glenn?
* * *
     There'll be an Organizing Rally with National Bernie Staff on Wednesday, June 1ˢᵗ in Irvine.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Ear Launch Party is a success

Copies of The Ear were on display
(Click on photos to enlarge them)
English Instructor Virginia Shank organized and MCed the event
The Ear is BACK thanks largely to Virginia
Free copies for contributors

Virginia was so busy, she became a blur
Prior to the proceedings
A visitation by George!
Art work that made its way into this edition of The Ear was on display in
the adjoining gallery

Brittany and Karima

The event was held in the Performing Arts Center, which looked pretty
spiffy. The PAC's colors grow lurid in the evening sun
The food was great
The room was full of attentive folks from all around, including local colleges and universities
About a dozen contributors read their works
Everybody did a great job

One of the student editors

Lots of enthusiasm, charm
Reliable colleagues

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Irvine Valley College Commencement

Click on the photo to enlarge it
Check out the pics on IVC's Facebook Page
- Click HERE
The students were happy, natch
Evidently, I'm the last soul alive without an iPhone

Erwin & Craig

The campus looked great, especially when the sun poked through the clouds,
as it did intermittently 
These posies were near the podium where all the speechifyin' occurred
Some of the usual suspects, happily doing their jobs
Again, the sun shone only intermittently, making things hard for shutterbugs
The start of the parade of Toga People

Is it just me or do others find that students get better looking each year?
It's good to be alive against a backdrop of blueness and clouds
Blue, it must be said, looks better than red. Lucked out there.
As always, I noticed the little kids in the audience, invariably enjoying the inexplicable large
and colorful weirdness of the goings on

Where there is sun, there are shadows
IVC President Glenn Roquemore spouted his usual factoids
Trustee David Lang, coughin' up a hairball, I guess
The crowd almost seemed vast. It was big, anyway
Lots of cops around, keepin' the peace
A vast, complicated sky
Trustee TJ Prendergast
His daughter was out there, somewhere
IVC Police Chief Will Glen

You really need sun for shots like these
A little sun appeared
UCI Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
He advised students to be nice
He noted the failures of niceness of such noisy characters as Mr. Trump and the late Justice Scalia
I wonder if the Trumpsters in the audience were peeved?
If they did anything foul or coarse, I sure didn't notice it. Thanks.

Little kids are almost as good as pups and kittens, photo-wise

Again: the sky was vast and intimidating

Teacher of the Year, Rebecca Beck
Her brief address was much admired: pithy and perfect
A moment of bluster

Often, the photographer is only tolerated

Had something actually happened? Did I miss it?

This felt like a protest, but it wasn't, of course

Big Time scholar on campus

The residue of celebratory exploding streamer projection

Golden minute

One of Mark's students
Smiley colleagues. Good colleagues.

I was too busy lookin' for images to notice what this was all about

More goldenness

"With that beard, you look pretty academic," said someone.
"It's as Academic as he's ever gonna get," I added
Mark, in his own way, is an éminence grise


I don't care what anybody says, I like our Biz Quonset
Meanwhile, over at BSTIC, geometry was on display
Over at SSC: fake brick
Looking down on some cafeteria action