Thursday, November 10, 2011

The agenda for next Wednesday's board meeting

     Today, denizens of the SOCCCD community were informed via email that the agenda for next Wednesday's meeting of the board of trustees is now available (here; bottom right of page).
     I gave it a quick look. Nothing jumped out at me. A few notes:

     Here are the discussion items:

     I shall prepare to snooze.
     As usual, the trustees are fixing to arrange payment for trustee Tom Fuentes's attendance of the last board meeting despite his absence. Oddly, at the last meeting, this move was made (re the previous meeting) by way of formal roll call vote. That had never occurred before.
     Why the change? I sense CYA.
     This time, the trustees plan to approve the following resolution:

    Trustee Fuentes hasn't attended a board meeting for nearly eight months. It is no secret that he ceased attending because he has terminal cancer. One would have thought that, early in the year (he last attended in March), he would resign, knowing that he likely would not be attending further meetings. Had he done that, the existing defined process would have been employed to replace him.
     But that's not what happened.
     Oddly, Wednesday's resolution grants Fuentes payment, not because of absence owing to illness, but, rather, absence owing to "a hardship."
     Just what is the board up to here? It would appear that the trustees want Fuentes, their old colleague, to receive his district pay and bennies for as long as he remains alive. Perhaps the district's lawyers have explained to them how to do that.
     Is all this in the public interest somehow?

    "Community education" is up for approval. I am always amused by the courses that our colleges offer under this "rubric." Some of 'em are pretty far south of academic. They're pretty far south of other things, too.
     Here are some examples of what's up for approval Wednesday:
Be your own private investigator
Brewing basics
Feng Shui
Hollywood 2.0
Internet dating
Mystery shopping
Six-figure speaking
The secret revealed
Writing for millions
     I especially like the "secret revealed" course. Secret of what exactly? That is not specified. Wonderful.
     And community colleges want to be taken more seriously. Yeah. That's gonna happen.

     Item 5.7 concerns guest speakers at the colleges. I noticed that there is a request for $1500 payment for a Dr. Donelly to lecture on “The Mystery of the Worldwide Disappearance of Frogs.” (I don't object; it just sounds funny is all.)

     Evidently, next Wednesday, we'll be adjusting the geographical trustee areas:

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