Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frustrating news about Amy Ahearn

     [Note: the Missing Amy Ahearn Facebook page seems to have the most up-to-date information re Ahearn.]
     At long last, there is news regarding the Amy Ahearn disappearance. Today's Los Cerritos Community News offers this interesting if frustrating update:

Missing Orange County Professor Taken In By Norwalk Family, Goes Missing Again

     According to the article (by Randy Economy), Ahearn “was taken in by a Norwalk family on September 18….”:
     Ahearn … was found sitting in front [of] the home of Ana Ruvalcaba at around midnight on September 18 at the 11900 block of Ferina Street in Norwalk.
     Ruvalcaba, 26, a lifelong resident of Norwalk and a mother of a four year old told LCCN that she and family members took Ahearn into her home "in the middle of the night" in mid-September after Ahearn told them that she was "waiting for a ride from a friend."
     While inside the Ruvalcaba's home, Ahearn's wallet fell out of the back pack she was carrying, and this is when it was confirmed that the woman was Ahearn according to her driver’s license.
     Ruvalcaba even took a picture of Ahearn with her cell phone and Los Cerritos Community News has obtained the photo. In the photo Ahearn is seen with a blanket around her lap.
. . .
     Ruvalcaba said that from 2 to 6 a.m. Ahearn agreed to come inside their family home to "get out of the cold air" and gave Ahearn coffee.
     After the sun rose on September 18, Ruvalcaba drove Ahearn to a local Motel 6 on Rosecrans Avenue in Norwalk so Ahearn could get a "place to stay." While waiting for a room to become available at the motel, Ahearn apparently wandered off to a nearby Carrow's Restaurant parking lot and that is where Ruvalcaba said last saw Ahearn.
. . .
     Then, two weeks later on October 1, Rubalcava's aunt Maria Maldonado, spotted Ahearn near the Northgate Market at Firestone and Pioneer who was carrying the "same back pack" and "wearing the same clothes" from the night she was last seen on September 18….


Anonymous said...

Oh, how frustrating, indeed. I'm simultaneously impressed at the simple kindness of the Norwalk woman and her family, and exasperated that they didn't call the police to ascertain whether she was a missing person. Of course, I can imagine reasons why people in Norwalk might not exactly trust the police; and perhaps Ahearn was acting rational (though the photo makes me wonder). Sad, sad, sad. I sure hope she'll surface again.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, good semeritan now = suspect

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