Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don plays the game

     A year or so ago, I noticed that Pastor Mark Whitlock, a worrisomely attractive and charismatic local minister, had become a familiar face in our district. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but, for a while there, the guy’s mug seemed to pop up everywhere.
     I remember asking, "What's that guy running for?"
    Well, Whitlock is doing well. Today, the LA Sentinel reports that Whitlock’s church, Christ Our Redeemer (an A.M.E. church) in Irvine, recently held a special service to burn the mortgage. The congregation has done so well that, despite the shittay economy, it’s managed to pay off its loan in just five years.
     Various VIPs were in attendance, of course.
     And guess what? That’s right. Assemblyman Don Wagner was there!
     Naturally, he brought along a resolution from the State Assembly. Don't know what it said.
     Hey, didn’t he bring one of those along to the Sept. board meeting to honor Bill Hewitt?
     Do you suppose that that’s all Don does up in Sacramento? —Crank out these resolutions and then show up all over the place like freakin' Santa Claus?
     Could be. He sure as hell isn't doing anything for public education.

Fight breaks out on California Assembly floor during budget debate.
Said Don: I will "apologize to any Italian Americans who are not in the Mafia and engaged in insurance scams"

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gj said...

They get a limited number of resolutions in each session - don't know the exact number, but it's isn't too big. So he apparently decided that these two were worth depleting his small allocation for.

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