Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confirmation class, 1969

     Yesterday, Irvine Valley College's Director of Info and Marketing sent denizens of the college an email entitled, "IVC Orchestra: December 9 Concert - Save the Date." It contained a flier for a concert by the estimable IVC orchestra.
     When I saw the flier, something caught my eye, namely, something about the list of composers:

     As you likely know—and as anyone of my generation would surely know—the four names underlined refer to the classic late-60s/70s monster-blues-rock band Led Zeppelin.
     Now, I'm not complaining. I love some of the early Zep's work. Always have. (Even when they plagiarized, they generally stole from the best.) When the remarkably lewd and wonderful "Whole Lotta Love" hit the radio (1969), I was utterly transfixed by it every time it played—e.g., while being driven to "confirmation" classes (a distinct memory!) at Trinity Lutheran, on that hill overlooking north county and the Santa Ana River. Sheesh.
     Just sayin'. That listing, what with the names of the four Zeps, including Bonzo's, scattered among the likes of Strauss, Krommer, et al.—well, it's funny, is all.


Anonymous said...

John Cage!

Anonymous said...

I do hope they perform Cage's 4'33". That would be something! Even better if Rochford wears tight-fitting snakeskin trousers.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see him get down on his hands & knees and bark like a dog!

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