Thursday, June 13, 2013

Agenda for next Monday's BOT meeting

     Chancellor Gary Poertner just emailed the district community with a link to the agenda for next Monday’s meeting of the SOCCCD BOT. (It’s a large pdf. Know that before you click on the link.) Thanks, Gary.
     Traditionally, if a college or board seeks to get away with something, they’ll wait until summer to do it. But I’m not sure this crew is up for skullduggery. Maybe a little craftiness. Minor wiliness?
     This agenda makes me wanna stay home.
     Here are a couple of snaps from the agenda:

This can be, um, controversial

     UPDATE: Gary has now sent us a revised agenda: here. Evidently, "Item 4.1, exhibit A, page 3 of the June 17 board meeting agenda has been changed." 4.1 is, of course, the discussion item: basic aid allocation recommendations


     The Reb tells me that Three Dog Night will appear at the OC Fair. She asked me not to be negative about that. I wasn't, not really. (I acknowledged that their covers of "One" and "Try a Little Tenderness" were decent.)
     Their opening act is the similarly illustrious "Grass Roots." The only decent song of theirs I could remember was "Midnight Confession," which appears above. Such was the music of my high school years. (Mostly, though, I was into Mott the Hoople and Procol Harum.)
     Reb reminded me that GR did that awful song "Live For Today." We both laughed out loud. Still laughing. (Check out the lyrics.)

Click here: Otis Redding's version--upon which TDN's version is based

Just love it!


Anonymous said...

To whom does the ACA apply?

Any employer who has 50 or more full time employees.

A full time employee is defined as an employee working an average of 30 hours per week.

Hours based on average with provision for full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees. Look back period = minimum measure period is 3 months; maximum measurement period is 12 months. The ACA goes into effect January 2014, which means 2013 is the look back period!

What is the penalty for not being compliant with the ACA?

School districts must provide affordable insurance to all full time employees or be subject to a $2,000 fine per full-time employee!

Affordable coverage equals no more than 9.5% of individual’s W2 earnings. conducted a survey in June 2012 of school district’s substitute teacher managers and HR staff members from all across the country and found:

78% of districts are unaware of any portion of the law pertaining to the ACA.

Only 16% of school districts have thought about the impact.

Many districts still have no plans in place for the ACA.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Procol Harum could be awfully pretentious. "Conquistador" is symphonic hell.

Roy Bauer said...

I wasn't defending Procol Harum, dude; I was just saying that I was a fan of theirs in high school. I liked their first hit--"A Whiter Shade of Pale"--which is arguably pretentious, though it just sounded good and literate to my 11-year-old's ears. I liked such "orchestral" songs as "A Salty Dog," but as much because I loved BJ Wilson's marvelous drumming as that the tune was big and dramatic. I was also a Robin Trower (guitarist) fan, and much of his early work is blues-based (it became very Hendrixesque later).
I will, however, defend Mott the Hoople, whose music I still listen to quite often ("All the Way from Memphis," "Sea Diver," "Hymn for the Dudes," "Death May Be Your Santa Claus," etc.) Their album "Mott" is one of the greatest ever, in my opinion. Ian Hunter is still around; has a blog, etc.

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