Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pal o' Wagner (POW): hysterical homophobic demagoguery

John Eastman Goes to Washington (NavelGazing/OC Weekly, R. Scott Moxley)
The Chapman University law professor and anti-gay marriage activist stars in a House committee vaudeville act

     You remember Chapman University's John Eastman. He’s one of Don Wagner’s pals, a crew that includes Arizona's Joe Arpaio.
     Well, the East Man is in the news again, testifying about gay marriage before Congress.
     Here's an excerpt from R. Scott Moxley's report:

     …[I]t's Eastman's oratory that's most entertaining. He claims he's living in an apocalyptic setting in which, as with any good summer blockbuster, good confronts evil. In the frequent AM-Christian-radio pontificator's mind, he's a fearless warrior for righteousness….
Shameless scoundrel
     From his perch atop [National Organization for Marriage], Eastman suggests gay marriage threatens the survival of humans, whose ranks have more than doubled on the planet since 1960. In 2012, he said what “flows” from traditional marriages “are children” and “we need children to perpetuate society.” During a March NPR interview, he ignored two key technicalities: matrimonial vows are hardly necessary to procreate, and no proposed gay-marriage law bans heterosexual intercourse. Having delved into make-believe territory, he then asserted that expanding marriage would destroy the one institution that “is uniquely capable of producing children.”
     It takes a shameless scoundrel, especially for a man who wraps himself in a scholarly wardrobe, to try to convert a debate over marriage equality into a hysterical, non sequitur question about whether civilization wants to exterminate itself. But Eastman isn't just a professor. He's also a would-be Republican politician who has been trounced in efforts to become California's Attorney General, a race in which he called for armed revolution if gay couples are allowed to marry….


Anonymous said...

Raghu Mathr endorsed John Eastman when he ran for State Attorney General. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

My first impression was that, if Eastman really believes that a few gays and lesbians getting married would doom the survival of the human race, he must be a really stupid person. But, I don't think that is the case.

By trumpeting this view, he raises his profile. He gets to talk before Congress which establishes more notoriety. All of this, of course, helps fuel the fear index and donations will pour into the NOM coffers, into which, I assume, he will dip his beak. At the very least he gets to go to symposiums and hearings,all expenses paid, etc. (This raising the fear threshhold is used brilliantly by the NRA--"Obama's going to come and take your guns!"--to get the worried citizenry to send in donations.)

So, when considering the maxim "when looking for the motivation, follow the money," I think it's obvious what Eastman is up to. That makes him a cynical rat bastard, but stupid? I think not.

Anonymous said...

I believe Eastman is correct. Just because you don't agree with him you resort to calling him names. His testimony to congress was right on the money. You liberals ought to be shaking in your boots for what the IRS did to him.

Anonymous said...

"shaking in our boots"? ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

So, you believe that some gays and lesbians marrying will doom the human race--is that correct? Do you really want to argue that point? Please proceed.

Anonymous said...

Eastman testified on the IRS abuses, nothing about his position on gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Obama's IRS has abused it's unlimited power in violating Eastman's civil rights. You don't find that troublesome? This is far worse than what Nixon did and you know it. Where's the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 3:56, but massively wrong on all counts. Epic fail.

Head on back to Limbaugh's fact free zone.

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