Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Politics of the Mid-Year Student Fee Increase

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Members of the IVC community received good news from the college president this morning via email: Glenn happily informed us that Governor Brown had signed ABX1 32 into law, which will delay the anticipated and dreaded mid-year $10 student fee increase. Glenn proudly touted his own participation in the successful passage of this bill as he is a Commissioner on the Commission on Finance and Legislative Advocacy and represents our college. (See your inbox: "ABX1 32 Passes").


Rebel Girl has long been interested in how people's personal politics can challenge the wellbeing of their workplace, particularly how this contradiction manifests in Orange County's higher education community. You know, conservative, anti-public education types working at public education institutions.

How does that work exactly?

You remember former SOCCCD trustee Don Wagner, now Assemblyman Wagner representing Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Newport Beach and Tustin. As a candidate, he was the recipient of much money and support from many in the SOCCCD, including IVC president, Glenn Roquemore. As a candidate, Don benefited from his service as a college trustee which helped to catapult him up to Sacramento.

So, how did former SOCCCD trustee now Assemblyman Wagner vote on ABX1 32?

Do you really have to ask?

Of course he voted no. Of course he did. Of course.

Along with 26 others, who, Rebel Girl would wager, are Republican members of the assembly. (To check the vote tallies, click here.)

Glenn would join them too, Rebel Girl would wager, were he a Republican member of the state assembly.


He's sort of stuck, isn't he? What's a guy to do?

She just wonders how it all get reconciled, how it all works out. Of course, part of it is that these contradictions or inconsistencies are seldom pointed out. For example, Glenn's email didn't mention Don's lack of support.

Why would it? Then again, why shouldn't it?

I am saddened to report that former Trustee Wagner failed to support this important bill; fortunately however, enough Democrats saw the wisdom of it and the bill passed. Whew.



Anonymous said...

You mean they're profiting off a system they don't really support and may mean to destroy?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's an email I'd like to read!

Anonymous said...

I thought Don was against raising taxes. I guess the fee increase isn't a a "tax" - and it only affects students.

What was his rationale?

Anonymous said...

I also think there is a honest, open way of discussing these issues without it turning too bipartisan - but I agree, a lot of our leaders dodge this. What would Glen have said had the bill failed with Wagner's view prevailing?

Today I am happy to report that ABX1 32 failed and while this will result in a midterm fee increase for our students we believe that in the long run this is best because the citizens of this state have been bearing the burden of subsidized higher education for far too long. If the students really want education, they should be willing to pay a little bit more for it. In the long run, our college will be stronger for this.

Anonymous said...

12:41, taxes and fees (such as those paid by community college students) are sources of state revenue. But the latter is voluntary in that a student need not take a community college course (thus incurring the fee) that he or she is taking. And the former, typically (though not always), is involuntary or is relatively involuntary.

Anonymous said...

Nice flowers fellas.

Anonymous said...

Dream on Rebel Girl. It ain't gonna happen. But good point. I think almost the whole OC contingent voted this one down - good thing Glen has some Democrat friends in Sacto - his fellow Republicans didn't help. But they wouldn't - would they? I guess that's your point.

Anonymous said...

Cut all taxes. Except for the ones that pay for my inflated salary.

Anonymous said...

You bring up an interesting issue here about consistency and hypocrisy - but I can't imagine teh college leadership being straight with us about anything least of all something like this which sits at the center of their tiny stony hearts.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Glen is NOT a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

A Republican will do what a Republican has to do - especially if a paycheck is involved.

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