Thursday, June 13, 2013


     I want to remind DtB readers of the following:
that those who object to the factoids reported on [this] blog have recourse. For instance, they can email me and explain the problem. (I make no effort to hide my identify or to make myself unavailable.) They can even anonymously write comments pointing out the (alleged) errors. I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY TO INCLUDE SUCH COMMENTARY ON THE BLOG, TO MAKE IT AN ACTUAL BLOG POST, AND TO PRINT IT UNEDITED.
     I have often explained the above on these pages, usually to no avail. 
     On the other hand, over the years, several people have taken me up on my willingness to make corrections and print responses. That has generally turned out to my and their satisfaction.
     Recently, a person who shall remain nameless expressed frustration with the spewage of false claims about him—and he addressed the point to me, it seemed. He implied that this blog was guilty of such spewage. 
     In response, I sent him the above statement. 
     I also noted the curious phenomenon of readers attributing DtB reader comments to DtB. That's a fallacy, of course. 
     I explained why DtB tries hard not to delete reader comments, even offensive comments—and the rationale for that policy. Essentially, I said that the solution to false statements is the addition of true counter-statements. As they say, "the remedy to bad speech is more speech." Not censorship.

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