Friday, May 19, 2017

The Ear comes of age: 21 issues!

Last night saw the publication party for IVC's literary journal, The Ear.  It was a grand evening distinguished, Rebel Girl thought, by the shy and shining pride the readers took in their work as they shared it with the audience. Take a look and see if you can see what she saw in their faces. Congratulations to all.

The welcoming party.
Party time.

Contributors in the photo booth. 

Professors Brenda Borron and Steve Rochford have so much to celebrate. 

Professor Virginia Shank welcomes the audience. 

Congratulating the student editors. 

AVA, a Southern California poet, opens the program by reading her  poem.

IVC grad, London Pinkney, reads her poem. London is a creative writing major at San Francisco State now. 

Alexandra Sassman, an IVC student, reads her poem, "Like Mint." Alexandra is transferring to San Jose State. 

IVC alum and UC Riverside grad Jonar Isip reads from his short story. 

Carl Adler, an IVC student headed to UC Berkeley, reads his sestina. 

IVC student Sofya Derkach reads from her short story. 

The editors! 

IVC professor Michelle Doherty.

Poet Penelope Moffet.

Jaime Campbell, Chapman U graduate, reads from her short story. 

UCI MFA student Nicholas Reiner reads from his poetry. 



Anonymous said...

Writing and photography are well done and improving. Great pics of some staff at IVC.

Cheers on your 21st.

Anonymous said...

Very classy. It's obvious the great effort that was made to create the evening and the publication.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo booth! Congratulations on the journal.

Anonymous said...

Is that the college's photo booth?

Anonymous said...

The college should be proud of providing such an opportunity for our students as well as members of the community. A class act indeed. I am glad it has returned.

Anonymous said...

Love The Ear. Glad to see it's back. Thanks to Virginia who persevered. Those who want to support it should consider a donation to help with costs of production: