Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Ear Launch Party is a success

Copies of The Ear were on display
(Click on photos to enlarge them)
English Instructor Virginia Shank organized and MCed the event
The Ear is BACK thanks largely to Virginia
Free copies for contributors

Virginia was so busy, she became a blur
Prior to the proceedings
A visitation by George!
Art work that made its way into this edition of The Ear was on display in
the adjoining gallery

Brittany and Karima

The event was held in the Performing Arts Center, which looked pretty
spiffy. The PAC's colors grow lurid in the evening sun
The food was great
The room was full of attentive folks from all around, including local colleges and universities
About a dozen contributors read their works
Everybody did a great job

One of the student editors

Lots of enthusiasm, charm
Reliable colleagues



Bob Cosgrove said...

Excellent launch. As a Saddleback English teacher, I'm proud of the student contributors and the faculty and staff who made the EAR such a success.

Anonymous said...

Good to see so much thoughtful coverage of events on campus. Again, the need for a newspaper is obvious - to promote and document what we do and what our students do. Thanks for paying attention.

Anonymous said...

It's so great that we're doing this again. The students were so proud of their work -and rightly so. So many members of the community there and so many alumni as well. Other local colleges and universities had faculty in attendance. What a wonderful scene. Thanks for capturing a terrific evening.

Ken Brown said...

Congrats on the relaunch of The Ear! Is that facility on IVC's campus? It's rather nice. Are the "A" buildings still there? They were rather not nice.

Anonymous said...

Q-tips for all.......

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening! Standing room only with faculty, staff and students not only from IVC but also from UCI, Biola, Saddleback, OCC and CSU Fullerton and Long Beach. The college should be proud.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed last evening's re-launch of The Ear, its original launch being in the early 1980's. Very classy event. Congratulations to my colleagues and students in the School of Humanities. Of course our very un-classy upper administration barely showed support. Craig Justice was there for a little bit but left early during the student readings of poetry. Also noticeably absent seemed to be anyone from Publications, so no official college pictures or documentation of this wonderful evening? (Oh yeah, it wasn't Debate or Astounding Inventions). Oh yes, I am told from reliable sources that Diane Oaks apparently gave H&L a real hard time about re-starting this great publication. The Ear was squashed years ago, along with the college newspaper during the administration of President Raghu Mathur. I am told the current occupant of the Prez Office at IVC was not happy about the The Ear re-start, apparently he feared that it would be used as a tool to be 'about him', - in not such good light? WOW! Talk about ego and vanity misplaced in insecurity! Really? A president of a college was afraid of a literary Journal? How many Community Colleges can say they have a Literary Journal, and the Prez is said to have been opposed to it, wow, petty petty petty. IVC Publications - absolutely no class on this one...

Roy Bauer said...

Ken, yes, the A buildings are still here, though A400 (formerly, biology) was knocked down: it has been replaced by what is called the "Liberal Arts" Building, 2 stories of rooms and offices. It should open up in time for the Fall and we're pretty excited about it. For photos, see here

Anonymous said...

I heard Oaks stuck her unwanted nose in the Ear. Was there a campus-wide announcement? I would have liked to attend. :(

Anonymous said...

Did I miss one of the ubiquitous announcements that comes from Oaks et al or was this completely ignored? Did Publications, which normally revels in making mountains over the lamest of molehills on campus, leave this one without any media? This was a once-in-a-career event. Sorry I missed it. Congrats to our friends in H&L, this is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

An announcement was sent out - but no doubt was a challenge to find in the end-of-the-year avalanche of email announcements. The date - after commencement - may have been a challenge for for some though it certainly did not dampen the turnout. It is too bad no one except Dissent was there to document this event, especially for the students. This is why we need a student paper. Diane's office cannot and apparently will not do it all. They can't. So now it's like nothing happened at all. At least from the official POV.

Anonymous said...

Who's the magnificent woman in the red dress? Melted my computer screen.

Anonymous said...

Red dress?
Oh the blonde in the blue dress looks super cute.
Devil in a blue dress.
The p.i.o. sent an email only two days before the event? Obviously someone needs to describe to her the history of this program.
Shame, shame, shame.

Anonymous said...

3:35, Oaks gave you guys a hard time? That's because the Ear and the Voice are a direct threat to any justification for her job. With those two publications back why would the college still need her?

Anonymous said...

IVC Publications has no class.

Thanks Glenn for allowing that Office to become what it has been while you won't listen(?) and instead protect them(?).
Why does it always take the College Prez so long to acknowledge problems in his administration's conduct and treatment of people.

Anonymous said...

3:35 How does the Ear serve as a publication for the college????

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