Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rocky (the red nosed college prez) supports Irvine school bond measure

Right-winged Glenn
     As you may know, the Irvine Unified School District has placed a measure on the June ballot, asking voters to approve a bond measure to improve “aging school facilities.” It's called Measure E. Clever, that.
     Back in March (3/2/16), the OC Reg reported:
     The Irvine Unified School District will ask voters in June to approve a facilities bond measure that would raise money to improve aging school facilities.
     The school board on Tuesday unanimously approved the formation of a school facilities improvement district encompassing 28 campuses and said it would seek $319 million in bond revenue to those schools.
     Only voters within the district will get to cast a vote on the measure – and only campuses within it will get funds for improvements.
     Residential and commercial property owners would pay a yearly tax of $29 per $100,000 of assessed value if the measure is approved. At least 55 percent of voters would need to be in favor….
     Sounds good to me.
     You can read all about Irvine’s Measure E at the OC Registrar of Voters website. Or click here. Or, at the website, search under “measure e Irvine.”
     According to the Registrar, the usual suspects favor Measure E:
The following individuals signed the official argument in favor of the measure: 
Mark Warschauer, Professor & Interim Dean, UCI School of Education
Paul A. Bokota, IUSD School Board President
Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Business Owner
Connie Stone, Irvine Unified PTA President
Cyril Yu, IUSD Finance Comittee/Deputy District Attorney
G. Rick Marshall
     Who opposes E? No surprises there. G. Rick Marshall, Chief Financial Officer, California Taxpayers Action Network, provides the “con” arguments on the ballot. He's the Howard Jarvis type, Christian division.
     These “pro” and “con” arguments have rebuttals, too, you know.
     And get this. Among the signatories of the rebuttal to Marshall's “con” argument (that is, among the pro-E crowd) is none other than Glenn R. [the "R" is for "Republican"] Roquemore, President of Irvine Valley College and inveterate Neander of Thals.

     Golly. Next, we'll be reading that ol' Glenn is feelin' the Bern!
     Are you, Glenn?
* * *
     There'll be an Organizing Rally with National Bernie Staff on Wednesday, June 1ˢᵗ in Irvine.

If I,
If I ever wander on by
Could you,
Flag me down and beg me to
Drop what I'm doing and sit beside you

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