Sunday, September 4, 2016

The reptilian brains of the poorly educated

Exploiting a broken system: Trump’s within striking distance of Hillary — and that’s mind-boggling
…Within our present system, a reality-show demagogue can parlay his tabloid popularity into a run for president. He can win the nomination by appealing to the basest, cruelest, most simplistic instincts of reactionary voters who are too ignorant and lazy to understand the wonky details of public policy and who are mostly brainwashed from within an impermeable bubble in which a limitless geyser of misinformation and propaganda, carefully designed and crafted to tap into the reptilian brains of the poorly educated and easily influenced, has successfully deceived enough voters to openly support this destructive character…
Do you swear?
Percentage of Colleges With Child Care Centers Shrinking
(Inside Higher Ed)
Why Roquemore?

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Yes, why Glen?

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