Friday, September 2, 2016

Orlando Boy's website

     You remember John Williams. He was an SOCCCD trustee (1992-2011). Plus he was OC Public Administrator/Guardian.
     As trustee, he had taxpayers pay for his trips to visit his brother in Orlando, FL. He was a champeen Brown Act violator. His head shot was the most ridiculously smiley and cheesy political photo of all time.
     He was loathsome. So loathsome was he that he inspired one political writer to post something entitled "Worst. Public Administrator. Ever."
     I think it’s fair to say that the John Williams saga is one of the most embarrassing chapters in the history of the GOP in Orange County. And that's sayin' somethin', baby! (See here.)

* * *
     Did you know that John Williams has a website? It was created by "Friends of John Williams" and it appears to be a residue of Williams’ political career circa 2012. It’s called John Williams as Public Administrator.
     Its home page welcomes the reader “to the website for John Williams as Public Administrator.” Ol’ Brown Boy himself then says:
I’m proud to have served the people of Orange County for nine years as Orange County’s third elected public administrator since 1968.

I retired last January after 38 years of public service: Public Administrator, Public Guardian, Marshal’s Department ... Sergeant, College trustee, and Probation Department counselor. Just a few short months ago, I was called upon by community members to return to the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees where I previously served for 18 years.

During my tenure as your Public Administrator, I was proud to be endorsed by the Orange County District Attorney [See], members of the Board of Supervisors, members of the California Assembly and Senate, local elected officials, business leaders, police and fire safety personnel, and teachers.

In September 2009, the Orange County Grand Jury praised the Public Administrator - Public Guardian department for maintaining the highest quality administrative, managerial, budget and personnel practices and fighting elder abuse, disregarding previous inaccurate and flawed reports from that office. This included a formal apology to me for those previous unsound reports.

     Wow. Among other things, this little blurb is the Platonic Form of Cherry-Picking. Leavin' out a coupla things there, aincha Johnny?

     The website has two other sections. One is entitled “TV commercial,” but the video that is supposed to be displayed there doesn’t appear. (“Missing plug-in.”)
     The remaining section of the website is entitled “Court Victories,” and, unsurprisingly, it cherry picks court cases with wild abandon.
     Included among his so-called “victories” is this curious factoid:
In 2011, the Governor of the State of California signed a bill prohibiting conflicts of interest in Grand Jury service. This bill would have prevented a former Irvine Valley College professor from attacking me, as an SOCCCD Trustee and Orange County Public Administrator, while that professor was seated on the 2008-2009 Grand Jury. [SECTION 1. Section 916.2]
     Huh? Anybody know who this “former IVC college professor” is supposed to be?
     Enquiring minds wanna know!
     (I've been told [by a certain fellow who is currently an OC Supervisor] that the beginning of the end for Williams was DtB's digging up a certain otherwise-obscure appellate decision. Perhaps so. We're so proud!)

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