Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baby, when I think of you

You remember Daryl, don't you?
A WTF moment with Glenn Roquemore
The women of Humanities 
The Reb in action
Sean Young qua robot

Multi-generational H&L meetings
OC: religion will not be denied
It's like a circus out there
Reb: towering figure on campus
El Toro, c. 1963
Our poet
Gary's magic shoes
Young Humanists

Problems looming at IVC
Performing Arts Center, IVC
Humanists in their native environment
Glenn's spirit at the college

The Reb is into symbolism
Take it, post it
It's like we're in outer space
Berlin, 2011
The apogee of Roquemorian leadership
Love dem cats
Bio land

More Humanistic socializing

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