Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trustee oblivion: moving the district to the geographical middle

On the "plight of part-time faculty"
Glad to work here; but can't
afford to live here
     Check out video of public comments—by faculty union members—at Monday’s meeting of the SOCCCD board of trustees.
     Just click here, then wait three or four seconds. Voila!

     OBLIVION. Also recommended (located at 1:30:20), is the discussion of item 6.7, 2015-2016 five-year construction plan (order of priorities).
     Just click here (wait for a few seconds).
Paid office hours for adjuncts
     Look in particular for the discussion of a proposed District Services building “relocation” [“closer to the center” between SC and IVC].
     “Both of the colleges have asked that we begin to consider potential funding sources….”
     That discussion begins about eight minutes in (about 1:38).
     Trustees seem surprised by the proposal/priority, which has support at both colleges and which is by no means a new idea. 
     (See also February Board Meeting.)

Too much of nothing
Can make a man a liar
It can cause some men to sleep on nails
Other men to eat fire
Ev’rybody’s doin’ somethin’
I heard it in a dream
But when there’s too much of nothing
It just makes a fella mean
Say hello to Valerie
Say hello to Vivian
Send them all my salary
On the waters of oblivion
The traditional "half way" mark

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