Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Saturday: SOCCCD self-evaluation board meeting

     Just noticed this. Evidently, the board met on Saturday to hold a "Board Self-Evaluation Workshop" before the public.
     Did anyone attend?


Anonymous said...

How could we attend? 90% of us are gone before summer session starts! I think it's like the golf tourney - they advertise and hope no one notices. Now that you've noticed, they'll have to make something up. Par for the course. Ha ha ha.

Really though - how can no one notice that no one is coming to their fundraising event? How can the president stand and praise the results of the worst ever scholarship process and ceremony? That was AWFUL. There was TRASH on the stage. The students were INSULTED. Doesn't anyone go anywhere and see how other institutions do things? Are our standards so low that just because something happens, just because it occurs no matter what, we declare it a success?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Nancy! Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Is Nancy off her meds again?

Anonymous said...

Nancy is recovering in ICU at Mission Hospital. Took a bad fall. She was unconscious for a few days alone, severe head trauma. Nancy recently had surgery to relieve the pressure from the blood built up on her brain. A Terrible Situation.
6:34 you are an idiot.

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