Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Decision on RCCD Chancellor a week away

     I just read that “The decision to fill the position [Chancellor, Riverside Community College District] will be made in the next Board of Trustees meeting June 17 at 6 pm. in Student Academic Services, General Assembly Room 121 at Moreno Valley College.”
     As you know, Saddleback College President, Tod Burnett, is among three finalists for that position.
     If Burnett gets the gig, there’ll be big changes at the SOCCCD.


Anonymous said...

It's time for Tod to go.Janis and Big Brother did a better take, but LiveFromDarylsHouse is the Bomb.

Anonymous said...

I think he would agree, anonymous 10:00 PM. Yes, he is very eager and ready to leave the SOCCCD snake pit.

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