Tuesday, June 10, 2014

California Teacher Tenure Law Unconstitutional (HuffPost) [K-12]

     P.S.: on the 13th, the president of our local faculty union communicated with members re this ruling. She wrote:
     Some of you have written to ask if the recent Superior Court decision in Vergara v. the State of California on the legality of "tenure" (which is actually referred to as permanent employment) affects the community college system.  It does not.  This ruling pertains only to Education Code statutes dealing with the permanent employment of K-12 teachers.     If you would like more information on this ruling, here is a link to the CTA page on the decision:  http://www.cta.org/Issues-and-Action/Ongoing-Issues/Vergara-Trial1.aspx.
     Please note that my original post indicated that the ruling concerned "K-12."

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It's about time!

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