Thursday, November 1, 2012

John and Ken and Todd and Roy (and Ted and Alice)

     Recently, our pal Vern over at the OJ Blog put out his occasional John and Ken’s Orange County Voters’ Guide, by Vern. Naturally, it has nothing whatsoever to do with those two KFI louts.
     Vern can be a funny guy. I've been toying with renaming this blog "John and Ken's Blog" or maybe "Vern's fake 'John and Ken's Blog'."
     Vern's guidance extends to the Area 7 SOCCCD trustee race:
     Finally, and this is very disturbing – Word on the street is that the infamous John S Williams, whom we thought we’d driven off to Tampa after his tragicomically disastrous stint as Public Administrator – Public Guardian, is BACK for more pension money, trying to get back his old seat on this College Board. A dazzlingly diverse array of figures has united to try to stop that from happening – from Don Wagner and Todd Spitzer to Loretta Sanchez and Roy Bauer – and what they want you to do is VOTE FOR TIM JEMAL! I will have much more on this in a couple of days. Civilization hangs in the balance.
     Don’t know what the “more” is that Vern will be coming up with. Look forward to it.
     I straightened ‘im out about Tampa, though.
Mr. Gasbag
     A couple of years ago, Vern, two other concerned citizens (with ties to Williams' County office), and I visited Supervisor Shawn "Gasbag" Nelson, hoping to gain his support in efforts to fire John Williams' corrupt ass. Not sure the visit did much good (Gasbag and I didn't get along so well), but things did go our way in the end: for months, the Supes struggled to unload the Orlando Bastard. (Once that damning internal investigation was done, Orlando Boy got the best deal he could—to prevent release of the report—and then he finally quit, to the relief of Republicans everywhere.) Our blogs had a lot to do with that, I think. We were all over Williams long before anyone else was. We were the first to find that otherwise-obscure Tapout appellate decision that went against Brown Boy. "Hey everybody! Look at this!"
     Back about then, Todd Spitzer called me up and said that DtB was way ahead of everybody in covering the John Williams stuff—and related intrigues (Fuentes, the DA, et al.). Todd and I became phone buddies for a while there. He's the guy who encouraged me to pursue those complaints against Tom Fuentes with the FPPC. Sounds good, I said.
     That last move didn't work out so well. Didn't hear much from my new pal after that.
     Politics, man.


Anonymous said...

Roy, I thought you were smarter than this. By now, you should know that any politician that calls you and pats you back with one hand is only cutting your liver out with the other. Smaller versions of these guys wander around campus everyday.

Roy Bauer said...

Nonsense, 6:17: I was very inclined to pursue the FPPC complaint event without encouragement from S.


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