Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Williams & the County settle

Set for life
Settlement reached with locked-out public administrator (OC Reg)

UPDATE 2: The Reg has added this verbiage:
     Those original terms include the possibility of Williams being retained as a consultant to the county for transition purposes. Williams is to be paid $25,000 for the consulting work, said John Moorlach, chairman of the Board of Supervisors.
     Williams “got nothing new by this perturbation of the universe that he caused in the last week or so,” said Supervisor Bill Campbell, who was chairman last year when the terms of Williams’ departure were first negotiated. “We’re going to honor what we agreed to last March.”
UPDATE: The Reg has added this verbiage:
     “Mr. Williams has agreed to honor the terms of his original March 2011 resignation, which became effective Jan. 23, 2012,” Page said in a written statement. “A letter reaffirming his resignation is on file with the Clerk of the Board.”
     Those original terms include the possibility of Williams being retained as a consultant to the county for transition purposes.
     We went to the Clerk of the Board’s office and obtained a copy of Williams’ letter, dated Monday. “This letter shall serve as my resignation as the Public Administrator of Orange County effective at 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012,” it says.
Original article:

     A settlement has been reached in the case of locked-out public administrator John S. Williams.
     Williams sued the county after the Board of Supervisors held him to his statement that he planned to retire as of Jan. 23.
     When he didn’t, the locks on Williams’ office were changed, and a battle over whether he would stay or go began.
     Leon Page, deputy county counsel, said a dismissal of the case with prejudice — meaning it can’t be re-filed — will be filed this morning.
     County spokesman Howard Sutter said he didn’t immediately know the terms of the settlement, but we’ll try to get you details on that as soon as possible.
     Williams’ attorney, Phil Greer, declined to discuss terms. He said he met with supervisors Bill Campbell and Shawn Nelson and came to an agreement “in best interest of the county.”….

     — Interesting timing. — BvT

Best comment so far:
I hope part of the settlement is not allowing the Register to continue posting that stupid smug picture of this guy.
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  1. What a joke. Williams gets another $25,000.00 for doing absolutely nothing. I am sure Greer brokered the deal so he could pocket the $25K! The County was getting ready to depose Williams for the pending court hearing. All the dirty little secrects would have came out. Go away Johnny and never come back.

  2. I called it. I knew he would get $$ to settle. Luckily Greedyr will get 40% or more. Good riddance crook!

  3. Another round of hide the sausage, at taxpayer's expense. 25K is a deal.

  4. Apparently, Williams wants a potluck retirement party at the PAPG office when he gets back from Hawaii. Too bad he doesn't realize that the staff wanted him to leave a year ago! PP

  5. Let's all go! I'll bring Cheetos!

  6. williams wins
    greer wins

  7. I want to see the report. Any chance it will be leaked?

  8. Isn't this poster child of Tom Fuentes' GOP a prime example of a triple dipper feasting at the public trough? Where's the outrage? (silence) Instead they (including our own Don Wagner) demonize teachers.


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