Thursday, June 8, 2017

Photo Thursday: old Orange County

Anaheim, 1893: rabbit-hunting party
Newport Harbor entrance, c. 1900
Anaheim, 1870s?: 'In July [of 1876], [a "band of Polish aristocrats and aesthetes," including Helena Modjeska and her husband, Karol Bozenta Chłapowski] ... steamed across the Atlantic. After a long trip that included (for some members) stops in New York and at Philadelphia’s Centennial Exhibition, a railroad crossing of the Isthmus of Panama, and a sojourn in San Francisco, the ten Poles arrived at their 20-acre farm in Anaheim and commenced their experiment in communal living in October 1876.' (KCET)
Placentia, c. 1895: Kraemer Ranch
Upper K Ranch (Kraemer family; now Yorba Linda)
El Toro Marine Base, 1964: John Glenn
Anaheim 1899: Bauer Blacksmith Shop
'Charles E. Bauer Blacksmith shop; image shows corner view of single-story brick building with three men standing on sidewalk in front of blacksmith shop, Charles E. Bauer at far left, dressed in farrier's apron; signage visible on building reads "C.E. BAUER BLACKSMITH SHOP" along top of building, and horseshoe-shaped sign hanging from awning reads "HORSE SHOEING / C. E. BAUER."' (Calisphere/UC)
Huntington Beach, 1928: young surfer
Newport Dunes, 1964
Anaheim, 1950: Alex's Tamale Co.
Anaheim, 1916: flood
I looked: Lincoln/Magnolia is about 6 or 7 miles from Santa Ana River!
Sherman house, Main St., Tustin, c. 1900
Cook's Corner, October, 1988
Laguna Niguel, 1961: terrace model home


Anonymous said...

Love the old photos.

Anonymous said...

Nostalgic shots. Nice to muse over, Roy.

Anonymous said...

All they care about is money. It's why we're now a mediocre, silly little country.

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