Tuesday, October 4, 2016

He's baaaack! And running for mayor of Irvine!

Yes, we know, we know. Former SOCCCD trustee Don Wagner has been termed out of the Assembly and failed to jump to the State Senate and is now eyeing Irvine's mayoral seat. Oh dear. His main opponent is Mary Ann Gaido (former two time council member and Planning Commissioner) who has a strong support in the community, followed with Gang Chen and Katherine Daigle.

What to say about the prospect of Don doing to Irvine what he did in the SOCCCD?

Tune in for more in the coming days and weeks.

A line-up of failure and disgrace: Don Wagner (third from right, scowling) joins,
 among others, convicted felon  former sheriff Mike Carona (at podium); Raghu Mathur (resigned under pressure, to his right); John Williams (fired O.C. Public Administrator, to his left), Tom Fuentes (Where to start?).


Anonymous said...

Recylcable Don.

Anonymous said...

For an ideologue who hates government and pursues ways to screw it up, he sure likes running for office. Why is he afraid to seek employment in an area that he doesn't despise?

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