Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tomorrow's board meeting

     The agenda can be found HERE.   
     Open session starts at 6:30.
     There'll be the usual reports, including, of course, the IVC report and the Saddleback College report.
     Burnett's report mentions SC's 9-11 event and student Audra Leslie of YAF:

     The Discussion Item is 4.1: SOCCCD: Legislative and Advocacy Overview
  • Presenters will be Tere Fluegeman, Executive Director of Public and Government Affairs,
  • Mark MacDonald, State Legislative Advocate from McCallum Group Inc., and
  • Dana DeBeaumont, Federal Legislative Advocate from Capitol Advocacy Partners
     Here are some slides from their presentation:

This one's called "Who we are"

Full-time and Part-time, eh?

Item 6.1 of General Items is "Agreement for Chancellor Search Consultant Services with Professional Personnel Leasing, Inc." About $30K.

Item 6.5 is "ATEP IVC First Building Project, Change Order No. 1, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Approve Board Change Order No. 1 for the ATEP IVC First Building project and authorize staff to execute the corresponding change order with the design-build contractor resulting in an increase of $1,268,345 for a revised contract amount of $17,553,345 and add 15 days for a revised contract completion date of November 24, 2017."

Under "reports" is item 7.2: "2017 Teacher of the Year Recognition Ceremony Information on OC Teachers of the Year program. The nominees being honored from SOCCCD are Claire Cesareo, Anthropology Professor from Saddleback College and Rebecca Beck, ESL Professor from Irvine Valley College."

Item 7.3 is "Technology Plan Accept for review and study the proposed SOCCCD Technology Plan." Here's the presentation.


Bob Cosgrove said...

Both Claire and Rebecca are most deserving of this recognition.

Anonymous said...

Claire wasn't nominated by the students for Saddleback College's Teacher of the Year. She was handpicked by Burnett when Steve Teh was not allowed to attend because he had received Saddleback's Teacher of the Year before. My understanding is that they didn't even have the courtesy to let him know that they were sending Claire.

Traitor? Idiot? Both?