Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just who "stepped on" free speech in the SOCCCD? Will YAF be truthful?

From the chapter's Facebook Page.
     Saddleback College's YAF ("Young Americans for Freedom") club—not sure what its standing is these days—has a Facebook Page.
     Here's something interesting I found on it today, evidently posted on Thursday:

     I gather that the chapter is sponsoring an initiative to "amend BP and AR 8000," the district's "speech and advocacy" policies, which were adopted about a dozen years ago.
     The YAF chapter says it "will be educating and informing students and faculty about the speech restrictions." I wonder if these YAF kids will acknowledge that the authors of these speech-limiting policies (AR 8000 etc.) were conservative Republicans and not "liberal" academics?  
     They will if they have a drop of integrity. 
     Let's see. 

SEE Students Sue District over 1st Amendment (DtB, April 15, 2002)

They stand for freedom. But do they stand for honesty?
     BACKGROUND: the YAF chapter posted the following back on the 8th:

     According to this post, the "full story" is at The Young America’s Foundation website, where we're told that the professor's action "is a perfect example of the way schools, and radical leftist professors like Lovett, leverage their bureaucracies to limit students’ right to free speech." Nowhere does the article note that the professor was enforcing district policy. 
     The article also reports that Saddleback College "attempted to block the YAF chapter’s 9/11 memorial earlier this week." Again, nowhere are we told that the memorial was "blocked" owing to the YAF kids' failure to turn in the needed forms to become an active club.
     The local YAF chapter has generated this and other misleading stories and, as near as I can tell, has done nothing to disabuse organizations of their errors. Nothing that has happened to these YAF kids reflects professor Lovett's politics. The unwanted events—"blocking" of the special YAF 9-11 event and Lovett's removal of posters—were the result of the kids' failures to follow the rules, including those established by conservative Republican trustees.

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