Sunday, September 18, 2016

Asians now are the largest group in Irvine. Is it Chinatown? Hardly
(OC Reg)

     …New census estimates show that, for the first time, Irvine has more Asian than white residents. It’s a thin lead, well within the report’s margin of error, but the strongest evidence yet of what many residents, scholars and real estate professionals see as an accelerating trend.

. . .
     More than 45 percent of Irvine’s roughly 257,000 residents are Asian, according to American Community Survey estimates released Thursday....

Corporate psychopath rates 'similar to prison population', says researcher 
(ABC News)

5 Most Toxic Right-Wing Moments This Week: Trump Is America's Worst Troll

Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton Wants To Start An Air War With Nuclear-Armed Russia Over Syria 
(RealClear Politics)

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