Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Issued this morning:
Saddleback College President Tod Burnett
Announces Plans to Retire
September 20, 2016 – Saddleback College President Tod A. Burnett has announced he plans to retire next summer. Dr. Burnett was hired in 2008 from the California Community Colleges chancellor’s office where he served as vice chancellor.
Dr. Burnett has led Saddleback College in achieving extraordinary goals, each year setting a vision with his state of the college address. Through his unique ability to bring people together, he has unquestionably grown the college’s capacity to serve south Orange County students and the surrounding community. His skills have brought measurable contributions to the college’s organizational leadership, advocacy, fundraising, grant development, business and community partnerships, facilities construction and renovation, academic programs, and student success.
Board of Trustees President Timothy Jemal commented, “Dr. Burnett has led Saddleback College in achieving outstanding results for our students and community. He has been a tireless advocate for Saddleback College and his substantial contributions will have a lasting impact on our district.”
South Orange County Community College District Interim Chancellor Debra Fitzsimons, who has worked with Dr. Burnett since 2011, said, “We appreciate Dr. Burnett’s visionary leadership at Saddleback College and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. He set a high bar of greatness for Saddleback College and our district.”
Dr. Burnett plans to serve until June 30, 2017. A nationwide search will commence for his replacement.

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     The word is that the board has been seeking Burnett's exit for years, but he hired a lawyer and gummed up the works negotiating a sweet sendoff, a "decision to retire." I've also heard that his "announcement" was delayed a bit by the 9-11 brouhaha. 
     A reader commented that IVC VPI Justice's intention to retire has been known for quite some time, and that is true. Nevertheless, I've been told that something happened to force an "announcement" earlier than expected. 


Anonymous said...

Ya think Glenn is beginning to see the writing on the wall? First Poertner, then Justice, now Burnett, hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

1:20 insinuates that Poertner, Justice, and Burnett retirements are somehow connected but there's no evidence of that. In fact, Justice had been contemplating retirement for a very long time. I'm not sure why Poertner retired. There are rumors that the Board was unhappy with the faculty salary raises granted this past year. Burnett had been on the Board's target list for quite some time, but there were all kinds of negotiations going on regarding the details of his "exit" from the District. I guess they finaly resolved it bu having him "retire."

Anonymous said...

Countdown begins! But it will be a long year until he's gone.

Anonymous said...

The Board is unhappy with the raises? Well, they approved and accepted the terms of the contract. This Board is better than the Mathur inspired Frogue-Williams-Fortune-Lorch and later Fuentes years of debacles, but not by much in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks there are similarities between him and a certain presidential candidate! ?

The Trumpian @ IVC

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