Saturday, December 26, 2015

DtB's Year in Review, Part 3: Process Schmocess—and "Mighty Oaks from little flacks grow"

IVC Prez Glenn Roquemore pretty much does as he pleases, process be damned. A case in point: 

¡I am the process!
     MAY 5: DtB readers know that Irvine Valley College has a very mixed record with regard to its invited commencement speakers. Some have been good. Some have been embarrassing in one way or another. (Plagiarism anyone?)
     The chief difficulty here is familiar: the piss-poor leadership of IVC Prez-for-life Glenn Roquemore, that remarkably non- (or anti-) academic fellow (he hangs out a lot at the Chamber of Commerce and gives speeches over at the knuckle-dragging Pacifica Institute), who generally finds ways to get who he wants at commencement, despite student or faculty preferences—and the demands of process!—to the contrary.
     This year is no exception. The college has a process according to which a committee, with wide representation, arrives at a list of carefully winnowed committee-approved candidates. The committee’s suggestions are sent up to the Prez, who makes the final selection. 
     For years, the Reb, among others, has suggested inviting the inimitable Gustavo Arellano (aka "The Mexican" of "Ask a Mexican!"), editor of the OC Weekly, to speechify. No matter the strength or weakness of the alternatives, Roquemore has always nixed the Mexican. Upon repeated Roquemorian rejections at IVC, Gustavo has given commencement addresses at UCLA, among other fine institutions of higher learning.
     This year, Gustavo made it to the IVC committee’s winnowed list of faves. 
     But no. At a recent meeting, the President’s rep on the committee—chair Diane Oaks—essentially declared that the committee may not suggest Mr. Arellano. And so his name was taken off the list. The list was forwarded, sans Mexican.
     So tell me. What’s the point of having a process in which a committee, with wide representation, chooses the candidates and the Prez makes the final selection, if the Prez also determines who can be on the committee’s list?
     This issue will be mentioned (it is too late to agendize it) at this week’s meeting of the IVC Academic Senate.
     Stay tuned.


Erwin Chemerinsky
    MAY 7:  “What’s the point of having a process at all?”
     “Why doesn’t he just tell the committee who they can’t recommend before the process starts?”
     “The idea that this action by the committee chair followed the process is dubious at best.”
     Such were the comments* made at today’s meeting of the IVC Academic Senate when folks were informed of Diane Oaks’ curious pronouncement last week that the “commencement speaker” committee, which she (as Prez Roquemore’s rep) chairs, may not include writer and columnist Gustavo Arellano among its recommendations for the 2016 IVC commencement speaker.
     According to the process, the college President is entitled to choose among the recommendations forwarded by the committee, which has campus-wide representation. Nothing in the official language describing the process refers to the chair's authority to censor (or edit) the committee's list on the President's behalf.
     Meanwhile, a half hour into today’s senate meeting, President Glenn Roquemore sent the campus community the following email:
     It is my honor to announce the 2016 Irvine Valley College Commencement Speaker, Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the School of Law, University of California, Irvine. 
     Nice diversion, Glenn.
     “Process” sure don’t count for much here at IVC, what with President-for-life Glenn Roquemore running things his way. But at least we’ve lined up an interesting choice for commencement speaker (for 2016—next year).
     Chemerinsky was atop the list of recommendations forwarded by the committee—the list that did not include Arellano, despite committee members' desire to put him there.
     You'll recall that, when Chemerinsky's hire as Dean of UCI's new law school was announced in 2007, local right-wing pols complained bitterly to UCI's then-Chancellor Michael Drake about the left-leaning legal scholar. That led to an embarrassing flip-flop, followed, ultimately, by yet another flip-flop. (In the end, Chemerinsky was again hired.) It was a low point in Drake's tenure.
     At the time, rumors (at least rumors I heard) had it that then-SOCCCD trustee and Neanderthal Tom Fuentes, for many years the chair of the local GOP, was among the noisy complainers about the selection of the decidedly non-knuckle-dragging Chemerinsky.
     Maybe we can get the C-man to talk about that for commencement?!

*Loose paraphrases of actual remarks, imprecisely remembered

Marketing Director Diane Oaks
The IVC guide to insulting the IVC community 

     JUNE 2: This afternoon, Daniel Gross, the Director of Composition (among other duties) at UCI emailed TAs, lecturers, et al. about an opportunity, a job. “Greetings,” he said. If you “are interested in this job, please get in touch directly with Diane Oaks at Irvine Valley College….”
     Diane Oaks, of course, is the Director of PR and whatnot here at Irvine Valley College.
     What’s the job? Gross explains by providing Diane’s memo to him:
     I am looking to hire a UCI faculty member to edit our IVC style guidelines.
     We have created an IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE style guide similar to the UCI style guidelines:

Daniel Gross
     We are hoping [you] might recommend a UCI faculty member who would help us EDIT or [sic] IVC STYLE GUIDELINES = we are interested in paying your faculty member a stipend for this project.
     Thanks so much! 
     Why on earth didn’t she just contact the English Department here at IVC? Perhaps they are not up to the task, in her estimation.
     Good grief. [And what about her own staff?]


Anonymous said...

I saw the new Star Wars movie at the Edwards Cinema on Jamboree in Irvine. Much to my surprise there was a short ad for IVC on the big screen. Boring! How much did that cost? Would it be possible for our ads to look and sound appealing for young adults? How much did this cost? I was told there was no funding for marketing my CTE program. Yet thousands was spent on lame ads at the movie house.
Who is responsible for this? Oaks?

Anonymous said...

We have a history of less than ideal marketing - this problem goes way back - some at IVC remember the McCrory-ian theatre ad (1998?) that said something along the lines of 'average cost for a class is $39.00' instead of $13.00 per unit. This ad popped up right next to those ads that said $13.00 per unit for OCC and Golden West. Several faculty had asked in advance that we say $13.00 per unit instead of the other - but since it came from faculty it was of course it was discarded out of hand, --- nothing has changed -- nothing - in terms of near complete dismissal of anything that comes from faculty expertise or opinion. Now the $39.00 was also correct, but it didn't matter and our administration's historic stubbornness could not, (chose not?) to understand or acknowledge that people would see and remember the lower number and then there goes the ball game. In fact it seems to be getting worse at IVC with the PIO's apparent new found 'almighty', (or is it al-Glenn-ty) unchecked powers and the seemingly top down hammering attitude.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we have an editor? Wasn't it a classified position?

Anonymous said...

Yes 8:50am, we had the awesome Elaine Rubenstein, she retired, now we no longer have her. Why do you ask? Have you noticed something different coming now from IVC Publications?

Anonymous said...

What I see from the IVC Publications office is an increase in nit-picking, red-tape, and anti-social behavior.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately all our so-called "leaders" are liars and cheaters.

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