Friday, March 6, 2009

Commencement speaker choice a good one

Good news! Irvine Valley College President Glenn Roquemore has announced “the selection of Dean Sharon Salinger, University of California, Irvine, as IVC’s 2009 Commencement Speaker.”

Salinger is, among other things, a noted historian. Read more about Dr. Salinger here.

Her books: Amazon.

Congratulations and kudos (or at least one kudo) to the speaker selection committee (including Rebel Girl!) and Prez Rocky.

I was resolved in my own mind to have rested this night at Southerns, but on my approach to the House it was no more than a mere Hut, full of rude mean people, and tho' some of their countenances were not quite so unpromising as those I left at Roans, they were attended with this additional discouragement to me, that they were every one, as well as the Landlord, inflamed with liquor and exceeding turbulent and noisy.

—A quotation that begins Salinger's Taverns and Drinking in Early America

Wow. Sounds like last week's CPAC meeting.


  1. A good choice for speaker. Things are looking up for the district when something "academic" happens at commencement. If Fuentes had his way, we'd endure another speech by Mayer Lou Bone or a prayer by a Creationist.

  2. So, you couldn't get Sunjay Gupta?

  3. Surely these people deserve more than one kudo!

  4. Salinger is all fine and good. But don't you think a rep from Philip Morris would have been more appropriate?

  5. From what I understand the committee this year actually developed and abided by standards - quite a leap forward from the past reliance on the Foundation's address book of good ol' boys.

    And look - a woman! Imagine that - I think it's the first time in oh, nearly 20 years!

    Good job.

  6. I don't think you should have said anything until the Board approved this choice. Knowing them, they'll object and we'll have the fish taco guy again.

  7. noooo, not the taco guy! remember how he bragged about what a bad student he was and how his education didn't really help me in business? It was awful.

  8. has she said yes?

  9. Yep, she said yes. But watch the board reject her and embarrass us all--and screw up our good relationship with UCI. I heard one of the nominees was a friend of Helen's, so we almost didn't escape the cronyism. Good that our Prez had enough sense to pick someone good. And congrats to the committee that sued serious standards and good judgment.


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