Friday, December 5, 2014

The A400 "Beam Signing BBQ event" is a hit

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     As you know, some of us—including the long-suffering (i.e., perpetually facilities-deprived) faculty of the School of Humanities—will be moving into new professional digs in a few months.
     Some sort of milestone has now been reached in the construction of A400—the structural steel/frame is done, more or less, I guess. At today's festivities, designed to mark the occasion, someone asked, hopefully, whether the project is about half-way done. The chief construction guy said, "ish," and that got a laugh.
     Somebody (I know not who) hatched this idea of having the future denizens of A400 sign a construction beam, now that beamage is done. So a corner beam was painted white and, today, after the BBQ (provided, I think, by a local caterer—no doubt paid for by the college I'm now told that the construction folks paid for the food), we wandered over to that beam and commenced scrawlin' signatures and small messages. (Most of them, predictably, were decorous. E.g., "Give us bookshelves or give us death!")

The event was well attended. The construction folks were invited and seemed
to have a good time.
That's A400 in the background.
Vice President for Instruction, Craig Justice, was on hand, as was the Dean of
the Schools of Humanities, Languages & Learning Resources, and Social
& Behavioral Sciences.
Craig noted that some of the faculty who await the opening of A400 were
compelled to deal with "wildlife" this week, a sly reference to our notorious
dead rat episode. Dean Feldhus declared that A400 will be "the most
beautiful building on campus."
Here's the actual beam signing. Diane Oaks was on hand to take a group pic.
Rebel Girl made a point of inscribing the names of the original faculty of the School of Humanities and Languages (1979)
Construction, early this morning


Anonymous said...

Great gathering and we Saddleback types were genuinely welcome to join in, eat, chat, sign.

Anonymous said...

What good news for a change. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

wow, too bad the rest of the campus was not invited. Some of us have a lot to do with that building and how it's been built. Whatever........thanks a lot.

Roy Bauer said...

This is only one of several events that will have commemorated the development or opening of this facility. No doubt many more will be invited for the actual grand opening many months from now, including others responsible for the building being as good as it is/will be.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Roy and the blog produced the party. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

The party was sponsored by the contractors and they invited the faculty. Be pissed at them. It's not like you didn't get invited to the royal wedding. Geesh.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think I addressed my comment to Roy? Wow, I love how some of you are just looking for a fight and any reason to shit on each other. My comment was to the readers who might have been able to include others. While I understand the construction company hosted the event, Karima and or Admin could have/should have spoken up and asked to include everyone. Maybe even offer to subsidize.
My main point is that once again, the classified support around campus is pushed aside and not invited to your secret little party. Even though we set it up for you! Saddleback folks were invited before your fellow IVC folks?
Please do not be disrespectful in your responses as I have tried not to be disrespectful to yours. I am speaking directly to 8:16 & 10:38.

Anonymous said...

Classified staff members were invited and some were present. As for saddleback, no one was invited. A significant other of a senior faculty member happened to be on campus.

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