Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monday's Board meeting: agenda

     As is his custom, Chancellor Poertner has sent us a link to the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the SOCCCD Board of Trustees.
     The open session will commence an hour later than usual: 7:00 p.m.
     The closed session will start at 4:00 (as usual, an opportunity will be provided for public comments prior to the meeting; same goes for the open session at 7:00).
     Item 1.3 of the closed agenda is “Public Employee Appointment, Employment, Evaluation of Performance, Discipline, Dismissal, Release (GC Section 54957(b) (10 matters)”
     Here are sections A, B, and C:
A. Public Employee Employment, Evaluation of Performance (GC Section 54957(b).) (7 matters)

1. Vice President for Student Services (SC)

2. Dean, Fine Arts and Business Sciences (IVC)

3. Dean, Online and Extended Education (IVC)

4. Vice President for Instruction (IVC)

5. Dean, Fine Arts & Media Technology (SC)

6. Director, Health and Wellness Center (IVC)

7. Vice President for Instruction (SC)

B. Public Employee Discipline, Dismissal, Release (GC Section 54957(b).) (2 matters)

C. Public Employee Employment (1 matter)
     At the last meeting of the IVC Academic Senate, senators discussed the recent board action not to renew a particular dean's contract here at IVC. Faculty of the affected Schools expressed consternation over the process--one that failed to consult them prior to the decision, among other perceived problems. (Faculty are aware, of course, that these trustee actions are based on the recommendations of top administrators.)
     The discussion also highlighted the remarkable ongoing instability (endless dean turnover, etc.) of administration in some schools at the college. Our faculty, said some senators, are very concerned and hope that the senate can address the problem--a problem, of course, with top college administration (Roquemore and Justice), which is generally perceived as wanting and problematic.
     Faculty are discouraged and demoralized. Why don't our trustees do something?
     But, as usual, they won't. No doubt IVC faculty expect that, on Monday, VPI Justice, who is up for review, will receive a hearty handclasp and a Gold Star, as Glenn Roquemore whispers sweet nothings into trustees' ears, and a once great college slides further into dysfunction and mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

The best thing by far that the board could do for IVC on Monday night would be to can Justice. But you're right--Rocky could sell these gullible fools the Brooklyn Bridge (or ATEP).

Anonymous said...

It is such a shame to lose a great administrator, David Gatewood, because he doesn't carry out the discriminatory practices of the VPI! I'd love to chime in on Craig Justice's evaluation.

Roy Bauer said...

His eval occurred on Monday, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Our only real hope of getting that s.o.b. off our backs is if another institution is foolish enough to hire him. If any of them ever call for a reference check on him, be sure to give a glowing one well laced with student success, strategic planning, global competitiveness, 21st century, and robust SLOs.

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