How's this for communication? The Foundation event shell game

     If one goes to the page announcing the IVC Foundation "Golf Classic," one now encounters the above. (Announcement.)
     How odd. Back on May 21 (see graphic below), IVC Prez Roquemore announced that people were "lining up" for the June 10 tourney. Now, it seems, the event has been rescheduled to an unspecified date in the Fall: "The...Golf Classic will take place on Fall 2014...."
     On Fall? Used to be "on Tuesday." Now it's "on Fall."
     And why no announcement that the June Classic has been cancelled and rescheduled?
     Here's what the webpage looked like previously:

     —They're a curious bunch, this crew that runs IVC. They're really not much into the "communication" thing, are they?
     Or the honesty thing.

Roquemore's Pravda piece, May 21: "Sponsors are lining up..."


Anonymous said…
This is exactly why I have little faith in anything changing around here. For something to change they have to be open and honest about failure and weakness and they never are. the board doesn't seem to notice or hold them accountable and neither does the chancellor. The staff under them wants to keep their jobs so they aren't honest either. Everyone pretends with these desperate smiles on their faces. There's good people here but no one wants to be the one to say the emperor has no clothes. Look what happened to Darryl when he spoke up. I have zero trust in the Foundation and in the college president. What sad foolishness this is.
Anonymous said…
The truth would be to painful, the notification from Glen would have to say: "The IVC Golf Tourney scheduled for June 10th has been cancelled" Despite reports that sponsors were lining up, the number of supporters needed to host a successful event was not reached and a decision was made to cancel and re-schedule for the fall".
Seriously, why is telling the truth so difficult for Richard and Glen? They continually disrespect all members of the campus by lying to us.
Anonymous said…
But they are able to lie to us because, for the most part, we sit there and take it.
Anonymous said…
I'm not tenured, do you really expect me to get up at the next Board meeting or Board listening session and tell them I'm tired of the administration lying to us all the time?
Anonymous said…
No. But I think many more people who are more secure than you need to create what are no doubt uncomfortable moments - but not just in front of the board. It has to happen on campus first.
Anonymous said…
How could they send that out on May 21st and turn around and cancel it two weeks later? They should have known two months ago whether it was a go or not. This is a big financial commitment for those who participate - check out what it costs. What happened to last year's participants? Did they not return? Returnees usually make up a sizable percentage - enough to make the event a go.
Anonymous said…
Richard never passed Management 101 - You probably remember one of the first Tenets: IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL!
Anonymous said…
Evan Al Tello was able to hold successful foundation events. It seems the ones we have now are big on hype but produce little actual results.

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