Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scenes from finals week

Some of us received gifts from grateful students. This one is a brass pen holder whose base is the shape of the country of Colombia and which features a replica of a Fernando Botero nude female form that has already been lovingly and respectfully christened "la gorda sin cabeza" by the professor of Spanish who was the recipient.

Some of us hosted evening outdoor poetry readings without benefit of electronic amplification due to unfortunate cutbacks in the IVC media staffing hours.  But that didn't stop the poets.

Some of us listened to the poets as dusk fell.

Some of us, along with our students, filled the whiteboards of our classrooms.

Some of us, at the end of our long college teaching days, drove to other campuses and watched the hard work of other teachers and students as elementary school pageants unfolded in auditoriums across the county.

Some of us, grading papers at home in the morning, look up from their work to see a gray fox.



Anonymous said...

More pics please!

Anonymous said...

Better report that gift on the IRS 1040!

Anonymous said...

What a fox!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely moment of grace, to look up and see that gray fox. That would almost make grading bearable, I think!


Rebel Girl said...

It was lovely MAH! Grace indeed.

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