Friday, February 22, 2013

The Lariat is all over the Ali Syed story

• Ali Syed's first victim, Courtney Aoki, was allegedly pregnant at the time of death
• Ali Syed struggled with classes while at Saddleback*

*A commenter (on the Lariat website) asserts that, in this article, the Lariat violates FERPA—presumably, by reporting Syed's grades.


Anonymous said...

The Lariat should not be posting any student's grades. It is a violation of FERPA - no matter who the student is or what he has done. Who gave them access to this information?

Anonymous said...

So what if FERPA is violated? The feds don't enforce the immigrations laws, so who the hell cares if some twit of a student violates FERPA by disclosing grades? I know why you work at a community college, Feb23. Having a difficult time finding a real job, are you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! - our troll is back! He must have lost his job under the bridge scaring goats! Don't feed him!

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