Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tea people sniff out a liberal, and he's headed for the SOCCCD BOT!

The OC Tea Party Blog: has God abandoned us?
Bone stupid
     As I’m sure you’re aware, the “Tea” people are bone stupid. Stupider, even. Nevertheless, they are entertaining, and so I occasionally monitor their illiterate cave drawings and blogs.
     Here’s a “news story” that appeared on the Orange County Tea Party Blog about three weeks ago. It concerns then-SOCCCD trustee candidate (now trustee-elect) Tim Jemal:

GOP Heavy Hitters in OC Endorsing Liberal Candidate – Why?
     Tim Jemal is a candidate for South Orange County Community College District, Area 7…. He is endorsed by Board of Supervisor elect Todd Spitzer, Assemblyman Don Wagner, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, SOCCCD Nancy Padberg, Mayor of Mission Viejo Frank Ury, etc. [sic] But, he is also endorsed by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez…. He owns a business called Jemal Public Affairs, a lobbying consulting firm…. He has had more dealings with the Democrats, certainly in his line of work [?]. Look at the PHOTO GALLERY of his public relations firm. You’ll see Congresswoman Wasserman, Pelosi, Susan Davis, and more.
     Well, ‘nuf said!
     But no. There's more. This Tea Blogger detects a conspiracy:
     I wonder what it is our GOP endorsers are thinking? Are they not possibly paving the way for a Democrat for higher office in conservative Orange County…?
     Yep. Anybody who knows Don Wagner knows all about his secret hope for liberalism in Orange County.
     Our Tea Bagger next suggests that, since Jemal declines to state his party affiliation, it follows that he’s a liberal Democrat.
     I’m not too sure about that, but it is interesting that Mr. Jemal has taken the DTS route. One might do that for several reasons, of course. For instance, a businessman might hope to do business with both liberals and conservatives. Declining to State might be just the ticket in that regard.
     Not that it would be so bad if Jemal actually were liberal. It would bring a refreshing diversity to our board! (As things now stand, at least 6 of the 7 trustees are Republicans.)
     This daffy Tea post attracted three comments, including this one: “You should know the only Republican or conservative running is John Williams.”
     So true.

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Anonymous said...

If "conservative" means someone willing to suck up taxpayer money, then Williams was certainly the guy.

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