Friday, November 16, 2012

Heads up! Monday's meeting of the SOCCCD BOT

$17K of grease on wheels
     As per Chancellor Gary Poertner’s recent email, the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the SOCCCD BOT is now available (see).

     ADMINISTRATORS EVALUATED. Looks like its time for some more administrator evaluations. The following appears on the agenda for the closed session:
Public Employee Employment/Evaluation (GC Section 54957) (13)
 1. Public Employee Employment/Evaluation (12)
   a. Vice Chancellor for Technology and Learning Services (DS)
   b. Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Employer/Employee
Relations (DS)
   c. College President (SC)
   d. Dean, Students and Counseling (IVC)
   e. Dean, Enrollment Services (IVC)
   f. Dean, Liberal Arts (IVC)
   g. Vice Chancellor, Business Services (DS)
   h. Director Student Health Center (SC)
   i. Dean, Kinesiology & Athletics/Athletics Director (SC)
   j. Associate Vice Chancellor, Economic Development (DS)
   k. Dean, Health Science, Kinesiology & Athletics (IVC)
l. Dean, Math, Science & Engineering (IVC)
2. Public Employee Employment/Evaluation: Chancellor (1)
     DISCUSSION ITEMS. There are two “discussion items” for the subsequent open session:

4.1 Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College: Student Success
Task Force Recommendation 3 – “Incentivize Successful Student Behaviors”
A presentation on Recommendation 3 of the California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force.
4.2 Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College: Foundations
A presentation on the colleges’ foundation annual reports.
     COMMUNITY ED. Item 5.3 is “community education” programs. Included among these:
“Becoming a professional train” – I’m guessing the end of the title got cut off. Maybe not.
“Brewing basics” – Sounds good. The fee is $99.
“Feng Shui” – This is bullshit.
“Just Yell Fire” – But not, presumably, in a crowded theater. Fee: $139
     --All of these "community ed" courses are taught through Saddleback College. IVC community ed courses are relatively staid.

     AN EXPENSIVE DAY OF BURGERS. Item 5.15 is ratification of contracts, including a contract with
In-N-Out Burger
To provide an In-N-Out mobile unit truck to serve hamburgers, cheeseburgers, doubledoubles, grilled cheese, fountain drinks and chips at IVC on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. 
     The amount: $17,680.00
The Hostess Twinky

The Hostess ®Sno ball w/ glass of milk


Anonymous said...

In-N-Out Burger??? What the hell--? Yes: let's give our students heart disease; let's contribute to global climate change and emit a whole large bunch of carbon; let's torment animals for stuff we don't need, just because we want it; let's waste gigantic food resources even though a billion people are living in absolute poverty.

What the hell kind of values is the College promoting here?

Sorry: I just couldn't stand it. Forgive the rant--readers of this blog probably know all of this already.


Anonymous said...

You missed the chancellor's $23,000 raise. That is not quite a 5% reduction, more like an 8% raise.

Anonymous said...

I think the Chancellor wants to buy his own In 'n Out Burger truck.

I find the expenditure on that kind of spectacle embarrassing - it's for Senior day right? The day they turn the campus into some kind of theme park as if every day here was a bounce house and free burger.

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