Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday afternoon

It was a pleasant day at Irvine Valley College. Great weather. Things really wind down at the end of Spring semester. A loose, sloppy spring. No tension.

It's a purdy campus. Nice trees, grass. Young people.

Some crazy people and fools, too. Fair number of Republicans. 

Faculty can get pretty wacky, this time o' year. Yesterday, somebody noticed a big roach on the wall of a hallway inside A200. (That's where they keep the "trouble-makers": Humanities & Languages, Life Sciences, et al.) 
So Rebel Girl told me to bring my camera, and, today, I did. "Moses" (Jeff) came along with his staff, upon which he stuck an "Eiffel Tower," to give the viewer some perspective—i.e., to show how gosh darned big this bug is. Voila.

Later in the day, I took this pic. That's one big, ugly bug.
Nobody tried to say that it was an "omen" or a "harbinger" or anything. 
I was relieved.
It's just big, ugly bug. A fugly bug. I think I see a face on it. Two big black eyes.

The Ron Paulies were out in force. One of these guys was a cardboard cutout. No, I don't know why that guy is putting that bumper sticker at his crotch. I don't know why they're jazzed about the P man either.

I think that a sign said that these folks were "Vietnamese for Ron Paul." Or maybe it was Druids. Didn't really pay attention. I don't think RP is nearly as cool as these kids thing he is. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. had people out at the college to tempt students into a life of, um, sharp uniforms and Glocks. Some of our students were definitely interested.

Natch, the OC Sheriff's Dept. had a darker presence. Nobody seemed to want to talk to this guy. 
He gave me the stink eye, as you can see. I wonder if Mike Carona reads the blog?

The college is pretty quiet, generally. But places like the Writing Center are hoppin' these days. 
Check out these pics. Standing room only!

This is the Reading Center. It's busy, too.

The Reb had me take a picture of this sign.

Beth was yellin' at me about something. Dunno.

This is yet another center up there in B300. Maybe the Table and Chairs Center.
The young lady second from the right is a student of mine. Smart.

Later, I snuck up on the Reb. This is our office.

She was conferencin' with a student.

Meanwhile, the folks over in Fine Arts had left "paintings" on the sidewalk near the Performing Arts Center. Love their stuff. 
I do believe these works are part of the upcoming IVC Annual Street Painting Project. Very cool.

Pretty dang good.
Nobody was around.
It was like it was just me and graffiti.

I like this one. Kinda punk.


I wanna like this one, but I'm not sure about that nose.

This is the best angle I could get on the new "Live Oak Terraces," near the Performing Arts Center.
I wonder who named it that? There are no oaks nearby.
Commencement will be held here in ten days.

A student talking with Marines

Later, back in Trabuco Canyon, TigerAnn says "hey"

Loved this song way back then. Still do, I guess.
I used to lay on the floor with those cheap speakers on either side of my head.


Anonymous said...

Your photos of the campus are always the BEST.

Anonymous said...

WHY is the Ron Paul supporter holding the bumpersticker over his crotch?

Anonymous said...

That's some cockroach. I'm impressed that A-200 has its own Eiffel Tower. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I especially like Roy's end of the year photos.

Anonymous said...

I too look forward to Roy's photos of the campus. I too used to listen to my rock and roll by lying on the floor with speakers on each side of my head. These kids these days don't know what they're missing with their iPods and ear buds. Music needs to be in the air.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has a crease in him.

Anonymous said...

i think the Ron Paulie is wearing an apron with a Ron Paul bumpersticker on it. Sort of Masonic in a retro way.

The chalk drawings are way cool.

The cockroach is what one would expect in an aging building like A-200. I've seen worse there.

Anonymous said...

The cockroach is NOT ugly. It is what it is - a cockroach. Your photo shows some fine cockroachy-details - check out those delicate, lace-like. legs. How about that coloring? It's not ugly.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Roy frames those big shots of the campus. There's a word for that.

Anonymous said...

8:36, you are very cool for standing up for cockroaches. I think the creature is actually pretty neat-looking from the front--really great photo, Roy. It helps one to overcome the unfortunate flinchy revulsion that so many of us have (I do try to fight it, but it's very hard). You're right: (s)he's "cockroachy"! Love that.


Roy Bauer said...

OK, the bug isn't exactly ugly, I suppose. But it sure is creepy. The thought of such a thing crawling upon one cannot be welcome. It is an alien thing, an inscrutable something. To magnify its image is to inspire horror in, I think, anyone but Jeff Goldblum

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are there any cockroaches in A100?

Anonymous said...

Oh, for sure, Roy (re cockroaches). I suspect that our deep revulsion at the thought of those and some other bugs crawling on us is part of our evolutionary heritage, and perhaps ineradicable. Yet I like trying to take the "biocentric" point of view (as some call it) of recognizing that each kind of living thing has its own telos and it's own good--trying to "get inside" that creature and recognize that, "from the point of the universe, if I may say so," no creature is objectively uglier than any other.

Thanks for great photos, as always! I'm so impressed with the chalk art and its creators, because it is so beautiful (from *my* point of view--ha!) and because the artists don't mind that it's so transient. Glad that you captured it to preserve it for a time.


Anonymous said...

Yep, there is a big cockroach in A100.

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