Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Chicago adventures

We drove along Lakeshore Drive. The weather was good.

Our hotel is in Evantson. We were headed to the Museum of Science and Industry.
We visited the magnificent U-505, which was captured in 1944. It's huge and impressive. We even got to walk through the interior. Amazing.
All but one of the crew of 59 survived. They were secretly transported to a POW camp in Louisiana.
The machinery inside this torpedo was impressive.
Gotta say: Chicago did a great job with this exhibit.
The captain's insignia
A Stuka. We also saw a Spitfire. Loved it.

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Bob Cosgrove said...

Yes, U-505 is one of my favorite visiting sights. And Chicago is my home town. Wonderful book stores in and around the U. of Chicago.

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