Friday, January 7, 2011

Creepological postings (in the past year)

     What with Tom Fuentes being named Dissent the Blog's “SOCCCD creep of the decade,” I thought it might be nice to gather together some of the factoids that explain his creepimorphic infamy.
     Below are posts concerning trustee Fuentes that appeared on DtB in the last year or so. They paint quite a picture. Of a Creep. (I might add earlier posts.)
     (Rebel Girl, it seems, is annoyed that Fuentes got the nod before our little poll (at right) was quite finished. I think she was figurin’ on Dave Lang as our SuperCreep. But C’mon! The people have spoken! Mostly.)

Tom Fuentes at age 34: "consultant"
Tom Fuentes: professional schmoozer, circumventer of open processes, and THUG
Was Tom Fuentes a shill for LFC re the Coast Rabbit Island sale?
Tom Fuentes: ubiquitous paid consultant
Fuentes, Williams, & LFC: new documents
Tom Fuentes and LFC/Lange
LFC, Fuentes, and Williams: oh my!
New charges filed against one of Tom Fuentes’ former advisees
The long and lurid FUENTESization of the SOCCCD
Tom discusses tomorrow's commencement
Low in the Fuentesphere (where it's always low)
History question: who argued that college Poli Sci professors should teach the Board’s political views? Guess!
Old boys, young boys in the OC GOP
A new board majority? Fuentes gets hopping mad

Tom's "poll guards." Remember?
OK, this isn't about Tom, but I just like it so much that I'm gonna show it again.

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