Monday, November 8, 2010

Still a spanker*

     Nov. 8: Don Wagner sure did leave a stink in the room (i.e., SOCCCD's "Ronald Reagan board of trustee meeting room") last month, what with his open and ruthless slammery of IVC Prez Glenn Roquemore. It was typical Wagner: he wanted to hit Glenn, and so he did, and the fact that his big paw smacked the entire college (IVC), didn't bother him a bit. (IVC's faculty hiring was set back a whole month.)
     As expected, Don prevailed in his race for 70th Assembly District seat—mostly because he refused to campaign, relying instead on high Republican voter registration in his district. And so some are wondering whether he’ll even show up for the November meeting of the SOCCCD board of trustees. I mean, what are they gonna do, give him a prize for his abject brutish Wagnerianism? After he acted like such a jerk?
     I’m thinking he won’t show. Wanna bet?
* * *
     Occasionally, I Google the usual suspects, including Don. Today, in Googling the Wagster, I came across an article (California Assembly election results and gun control prospects) that lists those elected to the California State Assembly—with the grade each received from the National Rifle Association (NRA).
     Natch, Don got an A.
     I did a little looking and found that Don was endorsed by the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) (see Endorsements).
     More specifically, Don gets an “A” from CRPA. That organization explains that an “A” indicates “a pro-gun candidate who strongly supports CRPA positions on Second Amendment and hunting related issues.”
     Don has always been proud to wave his guns around—or at least his support of gun rights. (See Trustee SPANKY on your right to “pack a gun”.) He used to be pretty flashy, too, about his enthusiasm for spanking in public schools. In recent years, however, he’s cooled his jets on that score.
     Yeah, but that’s just politics. You just know that, in his heart, Don’s still a spanker.

     *Originally entitled, "Still a Spanker, Still a Wanker." But I was overcome with goodness and left off the last part. Taking my cue from Don, I want credit for this. Send valuable cash prizes to rbauer.


Anonymous said...

Pro-spanking in public schools?

Anonymous said...

Why are we having classes on Veterans Day? All the other schools districts are closed - Irvine, UCI, Saddleback Valley, OCC...

Anonymous said...

This happens every year - we are the only district that doesn't take the 11th off unless it's on a Monday or Friday...

Sort of embarrassing. You'd think Fuentes and Wagner would object.

It's also a problem for our students with kids in K-12.

Anonymous said...

I like having weapons, helps me feel good when traveling through crappy neighborhoods. Guns are for little boys.

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