Monday, September 18, 2017

California Community Colleges Board of Governors Calls on Congress to Preserve DACA

Santa Monica College students, accompanied by college administrators, staff and faculty , march to city hall.  (Photo by Telicia LaRue, of the SMC newspaper, The Corsair.) 
Meanwhile, across our county in Santa Ana today:

California Community Colleges Board of Governors Calls on Congress to Preserve DACA
Santa Ana, Calif. -- The California Community Colleges Board of Governors, in a resolution adopted by unanimous vote, today called on Congress to immediately and permanently preserve the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and further work toward comprehensive immigration reform. The board declared its unequivocal support for DACA recipients and other undocumented students in the California Community Colleges system. 
The action is the latest in a series of measures the system has taken following the Trump Administration’s announced plans to eliminate the DACA program after a six-month pause allowing Congress to address the issue. Unless Congress acts, DACA benefits held by tens of thousands of students in the California Community Colleges system will begin to expire in March of 2018.  
“Rescinding the DACA program punishes young people for actions over which they had no control,” said Board of Governors President Cecilia V. Estolano. “We all benefit from this program, which enables hardworking members of society to contribute to their communities, serve in our armed forces and make better lives for themselves and their families at our colleges. Congress must step up sooner, rather than later, and do the right thing.” The resolution unanimously adopted today at the Board of Governors meeting in Santa Ana cites studies showing that deporting all DACA recipients in the United States would cost the federal government $60 billion and cause $280 billion in economic losses over 10 years....
Meanwhile, in the OC Weekly, Matt Coker reports that an  IVC student objects to SOCCCD's letter about DACA whioch he sees as an "an educational institution try to indoctrinate me into a certain way of viewing the world." Check it out here: "Young Immigrant's Letter to College President Takes a Different DACA Tack. "



Anonymous said...

The chorus is growing about DACA and I think that will save the program.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be lots of supportive services available to SOCCCD DACA students but it is not been widely advertised for some reason. For example, there are funds avaialable to pay for DACA renewal - to the tune of $500.00 each.

Anonymous said...

We should get that news out about the available $.

Anonymous said...

Instructors and staff need to be able to pass along information to students.

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