Saturday, April 8, 2017

Burnett lands at Brandman

Bully boy
       UPDATE ON TOD BURNETT (April 8, 2017): a reliable source tells us where Tod Burnett, who is set to leave Saddleback College in June, has secured his next job. Tod will be working at Brandman University, which, of course, is local and is part of the Chapman University system.
     (I checked: Burnett has been associated with Brandman and its school of education for some time. See "Mentor magic: equal parts experience, friendship, guidance," January 28, 2016).*
     Our source says that, essentially, Tod will be Brandman's "foundation director."
     Our source also noted that, 'cause Brandman's private, this foundation gig could get rough. It ain't like the public sector, he said.
     You'll recall that Burnett was hired by the wily Raghu Mathur nine years ago, despite the Todster's lack of academic experience (VP of Eva Gabor International, Governor Schwarzenegger's deputy appointments secretary, Associate Faculty at the University of Phoenix). So why'd Raghu hire him? Answer: owing to his supposed connections up at the state chancellor's office, where he served in a "vice" capacity, doing nothing much of significance (he could see the bottom of the barrel from where he labored).
     That "connection" didn't seem to pan out for the Gooster, who is now teaching Chem as an adjunct somewhere—and lending his "name" to dubious for-profits.
     Google Raghu's name. You'll see that he has now achieved oblivion. It's like he disappeared from the face of Earth.
     Buh-bye Mr. Goo. Buh-bye!

*IVC President Glenn Roquemore is on the Brandman University EdD Advisory Board. On July 21-22, 2016, Vice President for Student Services Linda Fontanilla held a student ambassador leadership institute at Brandman University.


Anonymous said...

Tod may be in for a surprise (or perhaps a shock) at Brandman.

Anonymous said...

''Oblivian?" Chunk, you've never achieved anything in your life. Sad to say you're the senior asshole in the realm of obliviam LOL!

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